Edge Stitching Foot….makes my world go ’round! 

Edge Stitching Foot….makes my world go ’round! 

This, is the edge stitching foot!   I have had this about a month and never used it until last night.  You know, I get in a rush and don’t always want to stop and change feet.

It’s easy to master.   Just put your fabric next to the “wall” and get moving. I don’t own a serger or plan on ever buying one.  This is a lifesaver for me and my denim obsession! I use the stitch that looks like the over lock stitch.   The needle position determines how close to the edge it sews.  On the right you can see the stitches.   Yay!!!!! No homemade looking jeans for me.  It is perfect for top stitching also! Again, a must have for making jeans.  I really like using the right needle position.  I hope you enjoyed and learned something! Until next time sew, love, and happiness!


I’ve been sewing denim again…but now I have more toys to play with.  I purchased the Levi’s buttons from Amazon.  At the same time I also purchased more denim needles, the top stitching thread, and stronger fusible facing.  I’ve recently found some really strong elastic that even makes the waistband of stretch lightweight denim hold it’s own around your middle.  Probably not a problem for some of you 😉 but, as I age things like this are pretty important.

I really hesitated about the Levis buttons, I thought a special tool was needed to attach them to the garment.  As it turns out there are a few really good tutorials online about installing these into your garment.  I think they are going to be pretty snazzy on a jean jacket.  I am amazed at all the variety of sewing notions available online.  We are so lucky to have them at our fingertips.

The evolution of Knit Fabric

As a Fashion and Psychology Major, I have this need, desire, drive to know all there is to know about fashion.  Textiles have always had me intrigued.  What is the evolution of knit fabric? How can cotton and poly blend together and create so many different fabrics?  Why is double knit in 2015 completely different than the fabric of the same name in the 1970s?  Why do fabrics behave so differently?  The questions are endless.

I feel knit fabric is evolution of textiles.  Think about when all clothing was made of cotton.  I cannot imagine wearing clothing without at least a little stretch.  That sounds horrible to me. I remember fashions trends resulting in new social rules.  NO SHIRT NO SHOES NO SERVICE.  As a child of the 70s this was devastating.  I did not go topless, just to be clear haha.  I did not like and still do not like shoes though.

Knit is a good example of a fabric with a personality that has evolved over the years.  I started sewing my clothes in the 1980s.  Knit was one of my favorite fabrics.  I love the way it feels, or the hand of the fabric.  I never considered it as a difficult fabric to work with. But, as I got back into sewing earlier this year, the internet is FULL of techniques for sewing with knit. Threads Magazine defines slinky knit, jersey knit, and stretch velvet as moderately difficult to sew with.  Everything else is considered easy by this magazine.

Edge Stitching Foot….makes my world go ’round! 

Jeans….Again…Jeans Obsession

Really this jeans thing is crazy!  I don’t even really like jeans, but now I have a jeans obsession.  I love the jeans  I make myself.  But, there was this article I wanted to share with you.  I never realized denim had trends.  Did you?  Well, they do.  Evidently, there are some trends that never go out of style.

WHO, WHAT, WEAR has the best articles and photos, so I'm sharing this one.

WHO, WHAT, WEAR has the best articles and photos, so I’m sharing this one.

Trends that never go out of Style

  1. Cropped
  2. Minimalist back pockets
  3. Slouchy fit
  4. Mid/High rise
  5. Subtle distressing
  6. Dark wash

So, this means, we can buy less fabric and make them cropped.  Skip fancy back pocket decorations, fuss less about the closeness of the fit, and get rid of the muffin top! Best of all, the dark wash hides flaws.  I’m planning my next pair already!

I think the next pair of jeans I make will be boyfriend jeans. They will have subtle distressing, which is pretty difficult to do to something you just finished working so hard to create.  The high rise is my personal favorite at this point.  They seem to be universally flattering jeans to wear. I love that this style has returned.  It’s classy, and no unmentionables are revealed to unsuspecting strangers.  An added plus is that the style perfectly covers and conceals the muffin top.  Who could ask for anything more?



Edge Stitching Foot….makes my world go ’round! 

Eat Cheesecake and Sew Pants too….without going up a size!

Who wouldn’t like to eat cheesecake and sew pants in the same size as before? Trial and error, I have found are the best tools in sewing.  There are so many different ways to achieve the same end result.  Or something as simple as cutting out a waistband the wrong way can make you hate your pants!  That’s horrible, really.  I’ve cut the waistband going the wrong way before on leggings.  I couldn’t wait to get them off.  I almost had to cut them off.

A week or so ago, I found this amazing website, it’s called Fabric-Incubator, the tagline is “lessons from the sustainable factory floor” sounds legit.  The site has been around quite awhile too.  You should check it out.

Okay so she was saying people lay out the waistband all wrong.  Ready to wear waistbands are cut with the grain going around the body. The picture below is from that site, it’s a BAD example.

The manufacturer makes clothing like this because of their equipment.  It just works faster.  We sew our own things, we can take time and care to do the work properly. 🙂 In this fashion the legs are cut on the lengthwise grain, while the waistband is stitched in the opposite direction.  This causes the waistband to shrink at a different rate than the rest of the garment.  We hate this!  We think we are getting fat and we aren’t actually because of the manufacturing the waistband is actually getting smaller!  Go ahead, eat that cheesecake!

How do you cut the waistband properly?

Below is another picture from the website.  It demonstrates the appropriate method for cutting waistbands.  Nice, then you won’t have to cut your pants off after all that hard work.  Learn from my mistakes.  I have plenty!

I love that this has the waistband at the bottom of the pants.  WOW, it makes cutting it out so much easier. Or am I the only one with short arms who cannot reach that spot it shows you to cut on?

Edge Stitching Foot….makes my world go ’round! 

Victoria’s Secret and Anthropologie Hacks….

I sew therefore I refuse to pay for ready to wear!  So, I’ve been working on a few Anthropologie and Victoria’s Secret hacks.  Anthro has some of the best fashion out there.  They must, everyone is trying to hack it.  Well, I jumped on the bandwagon too, why?  The styles are really pretty straightforward and pretty easy to duplicate. Thank you again Anthropologie. 🙂 Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 1.41.44 PMThis is a perfect example!  Let me break it down for you, it’s a yard of fabric, folded in half, with side seams and a v neck. There are several tutorials out there. It’s made out of rayon spandex jersey.  Which can be found here for about $6 or $7 a yard.

Anthro seems to have a love affair with peplum tops.  Just do a pinterest search.  I found this one Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 1.59.36 PMI love it!  It’s too early here for tank tops so I’m working on a short sleeve version out of knit.  I’ll hopeful finish it today and post the finished product and some hints on how to do it.  For a little teaser….hint number one is find a bodice pattern you love and make it fit you perfectly!  From there the options are endless!

One of the new trends for 2016 is a high cut bra.  The lace shows through the top of your tank. Check it out. They are calling it the new eyelash lace collection.  The bonus here is you can make your own tank to display this sexy bra.  I found some free patterns at Sew City. They seem to be the Victoria’s Secret of the sewing world. I imagine these can be created for under $10.  ENJOY!