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WHO, WHAT, WEAR  is my fall back for fashion trend. I love that site, it inspires me.  It drives me to do better.   It makes me understand fashion. Sew what is not the actual name.  The actual website is called WHO, WHAT, WEAR. I use this website as a sounding board when deciding what clothing I want to make and the articles of clothing I’ll skip!  Let’s take a look……………

The most recent trend they discussed …… “the most expensive looking skinny jeans”.  This is VALUABLE information for people like us who sew our clothing. I look at the article and take note then combine the little details into my me made jeans. The list on the website includes:

  1. high-waisted fit
  2. dark wash
  3. the right fit for your body
  4. high waist seems to be the most flattering on all body types

Top Trends of the moment

  1. Layering- turtlenecks and jackets under coats
  2. Tuck Your Joggers Into Your Boots
  3. Pair a Knit With a Chunky Sweater (push up the sleeves of the chunky sweater to show off the other style
  4. Jean jackets layered under coats, sweater dresses, and more
  5. Distressed leggings?

I LOVE (and the website agrees)

  1. Full sleeves- I’ve been doing this a few years.  It’s quite simple. Start with a 3/4 sleeve and add enough length to make it a long sleeve by using gathered fabric. EASY PEASY
  2. Experimental denim-  I keep a bin with outgrown jeans to use for fabric.  I love patchwork jeans!  Use your normal pattern. Place scraps in randomly….very on trend.
  3. Sweatsuits!  Go stay at home mom in public and be fashionable.
  4. Leopard print was listed as the trend that we will still be wearing in 20 years! In case you are not old enough to remember 20 years ago……I assure you animal print was  very hot!
  5. Plaid….plaid….plaid….if you have no idea where to start your fabric collection, begin here! Plaid is a mainstay for all seasons and versatile enough to become a dress, skirt, top, or pants!

ENJOY your fabric collecting and sewing up some of these amazing on trend pieces!

Fall 2016 Pantone Colors

Fall 2016 Pantone Colors

Welcome to Fall 2016  Pantone Colors. These colors are so versatile,  I love them!  You have vibrancy with New Riverside (shades of blue), Spicy Mustard (shades of yellow), New Bodacious (shades of pink), and Meadow Lush (shades of green). Actually they are each their own new shade of blue, yellow, pink, and green.  I love them!  They can be worn alone and make a statement, or paired with other colors to further define their vibrancy.

Potter’s Clay is one of my personal favorites!  I love this color and will gladly mix it with Spicy Mustard, Taupe, and  Sharkskin. This color is very versatile and lends itself to a neutral as much as a color that can stand on it’s own.

Dusty Cedar can be as romantic as business. Mixed with Sharkskin and black screams business.  While mixing Dusty Cedar with Warm Red and Warm Taupe can lead to an exciting night out on the town, Fall 2016 Pantone has hit the nail on the head once again!

Warm Taupe, I have to admit is one of my favorites. I am biased to shades of brown though. Potter’s Clay would make this 2016 Pantone color pop. It can be mixed with all the colors, a few at a time or all at once.  This color can also stand alone.  It reminds me of the naked dress from Sex and the City. Airy Blue is a fall version of serenity.  This color would look great mixed with lush meadow’s vibrancy as well as aurora red for a punch of confidence

The  color combinations with Fall 2016 Pantone’s colors is spectacular!  Stock up now.  I know a few local stores already selling these colors which is perfect for warmer climates. What do you think of the selection? How will you use it?  ENJOY!

 (all images are from

Fashion Hacks!

Fashion hacks are my favorite sewing inspiration. Do you specifically shop for fashion in pattern catalogs or on pattern sites?  I found myself really wondering if these things are really in fashion or just look good to other seamstresses. I started about a year ago shopping in fashion magazines and stores for hacks.  I didn’t want to look cool to the sewing community, I wanted to look cool!

Free People Fashion Hacks

[envira-gallery id="2845"]
[envira-gallery slug="freepeople-lace-up"]This is one [envira-gallery id=”2855″]of the better descriptions.  It not only lists the fabric but also the exact fabric content and points out the seaming around the bust as well as details about the hem we cannot see. Thanks for the help needed on our own fashion hack. 🙂

This dress!  [envira-gallery id=”2853″]I cannot wait to make. Do you see the simplicity of the lines? The photo boasts, “Made in suede!”  Easy peasy!

We all need casual I don’t care clothing in the warmer months, right?  Here’s another of my favorite fashion hacks.[envira-gallery id=”2851″]This is a Raglan top with a wide neckline.  They have Shirred the neckline, but you could get a similar look with elastic. I would hem the neckline.  Then sew the elastic directly to the hem.  Encasing the elastic would take away some of the free spirit.  If you want to know how to shir, Seamingly Kitten has a great tutorial.  Basically you need elastic thread.

By Gum By Golly is a really hip seamstress.  [envira-gallery id=”2849″]She sews like I sew, a lot of self drafting. In case you haven’t heard, the turtleneck is making a comeback!  She nails it and gives great instructions to make your own.  WHO WHAT WEAR is featuring dark denim.  I’ve had dark denim [envira-gallery id=”2847″]in and out of my stash for over a year now and I just bought quite a lot of some very lightweight dark denim at  Hancock Fabrics. I love the look of this dress they featured. It’s essentially your favorite tee-shirt, nipped at the waist, and made longer.

Inspirational, Fashionable, Tutorials

I surf the web quite a bit, the blogs incorporating  inspirational, fashionable, tutorials are my favorites! I don’t know about you, but I get inspired with other people’s creations.  Fashion sewing blogs keep me on my toes. I take it all as a challenge. My ultimate favorite is not even aimed at the sewing community.

Who, What, Wear is a daily inspiration.  I especially love the fashion trends section.

Inspirational Sewing Related Blogs

Colertterie: Has been mentioned many times on my blog.  I love her instructional manner.  I read her book!  I seriously went to the library and checked it out.  She is such an inspiration. Make a wardrobe that’s truly yours. That is exactly what I love about her!  She doesn’t want you as a clone of her, she wants you to learn and be your own person.

Dixie DIY: Is inspirational, I love how she mixes a circle skirt with  a sweatshirt, but for the most part, we don’t share the same style.  Which is fine.  The completed projects section is a great place to start if you are looking for overall ideas.

Cloth Habit:  I love to dream that one day I won’t even need Victoria’s Secret.  Well, so far in my few attempts, they have nothing to worry about.

Ladybird: Is not only inspirational she’s quite the teacher as well.  Check this out, she goes into great detail about how to create your own personal croquis.[envira-gallery id="2415"]
[envira-gallery slug="sketch-tutorial"]

Julia bobbin: I love this blog.  Not only does she look cute and hip, she can sew!  She’s also into pop culture and shows the reader how to make things you see people wearing on TV.  An actual “as seen on TV” blog lol. You, too, can look like Jess from New Girl, or someone from Mad Men, who cares?  She has great sew alongs as well.  Check her out!

[envira-gallery id="2418"] 
[envira-gallery slug="erica-bunker"]

Erica B. : Look at that ^^^^^^^^ love at first site.  If you need me, I’ll be over at her place. I want to know the art of cultivating a stylish wardrobe!  I know how I do it, but WOW, someone with blog I can relate to…YESSSSS! She sews like I do by looking through fashion mags.  LOVE

WOW, if you have not hung out on any of these blogs, I hope you do now!  Enjoy!

Blanket Tutorial

I sew a lot this time of year.  I try to be like Santa, HO…HO…HO, time to sew.  One thing I’ve made in the past is fleece blankets.  No, not the ones with fringe, mine are special and extra cuddly on the back side. I use fleece for the top, well you can use it as the bottom, but the side with the decoration or color the person would like. The backside I use a special minky fabric that coordinates with the top.  For children, I use only one yard each of fabric.  Adults, I found out by trial and error, mostly error 🙂 need two yards of fabric.

Pins are a necessity!  Do not attempt without pinning first.  You’ll be really unhappy and it will take twice as long because you will have to use your seam ripper more than anyone would ever like.  These fabrics slide a little so they need to be pinned down.

Blanket Tutorial

  1. Measure the fleece and the pinky fabric.  They MUST be exactly the same size.
  2. Cut any edges the store may have messed up on cutting.  Sometimes the edge may not be exactly straight.  The first two steps are the most important.
  3. Pin right sides* together.  Pin fabric together at 2 inch or less  intervals. This is another opportunity to make sure the fabrics match up properly.
  4. Ready to sew?  I use a stretch stitch when I sew mine.  I want to make sure these last a long long time.  If you do not have a stretch stitch, the zig zag is a good choice.  Make sure your seams are 5/8″.  Do not sew too close to the edge.
  5. Sew, leaving an 18′ opening to turn the  blanket so the design is showing.
  6. Turn the blanket so the design is showing.  Hand sew the final 18 inches.
  7. It’s ready for giving.  Good Job!  I hope you enjoyed it.

For children, this gift can average $20, depending on the fabrics used.  Anytime you use a licensed print such as Disney, the fabric is going to cost more.  I’m able to make the adult blankets out of two yards using plaid or something non licensed for under $30.  These blankets sell retail beginning at $40 and hand made presents are priceless!

*right sides- the side you want facing out when the blanket is complete.  Usually the softest side of the fabric or the side with the design.

Fall 2016 Pantone Colors

Sewing for your Man

I sew a lot for myself and my granddaughter.   I don’t know about you, but I have never tried sewing for my man.  He told me he wanted something cool and unique like my clothes. Let me tell you sewing for your man is not the same as sewing for yourself.  I self drafted a pattern. Those armsyces are gigantic in comparison to the amount of garment used on women’s clothing. Also, when sewing for your man, the sleeve pattern shape is slightly different.  This, upon reflection, makes sense.  Men don’t want to look curvy, they want to look solid like a brick wall 🙂Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I designed him a tee shirt.  Not just a plain ole, I can buy this at Walmart, tee shirt.  The one I designed for him has plaid sleeves, neckline, and pocket!  He LOVES it!  Before I was finished, he put it on and shared on Facebook. That’s pretty sweet huh?[envira-gallery id="2290"]
[envira-gallery slug="2290"]

You know, as the weather gets cooler, sewing for your man is something you may want to consider. I don’t know if you want to make a 

 wardrobe or just add a few pieces here and there. I’ve actually made him one other thing, PJs lol.  Poor guy, he wears those too.  I just started sewing again and he was one of my guinea pigs. 🙂 I made a shirt to match for out littlest dog too.  If I were to sew him more pieces I’d start with a henley, maybe make a cardigan, flannel shirt, and maybe even some sweats.  I do not think I’m ready or he’s ready for me to sew his jeans yet. 🙂 Whatever you sew for your man…ENJOY!