The American Capsule

Sew….I started wondering who came up with this Capsule wardrobe stuff?  Surely it’s not new.  Nothing really is in the fashion world. Capsule’s of all varieties came from England. Doesn’t everything come from there?  America even came from England. lol  Seams as though, a lady named Susie Faux was living in London in the 70’s and opened a new shop, London’s West End.  The idea was that everything for a total look was in the same store.  Kind of like our malls today.  But not really, because it was all in the same store.  That’s cool!  No running from place to place, using up excess gas and time.  The American Capsule was the brainchild of Donna Karan!  One of my all time faves! Simplicity is key here, she is the creator of the simple American wardrobe.

In the 80’s, Donna Karan developed a clothing concept based on seven, only SEVEN pieces!  I remember this so well.  I believe this is where my love of BLACK originated.  The woman always looks amazing, head to toe comfy black coordinates.  I knew at that moment, I would dress like her. She opened up her portion of the fashion show with her models all dressed in black bodysuits and pants.  They added pieces to create wearable wardrobes. She wanted wardrobes for women who hate shopping and don’t have time anyway.

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This brings us to the wardrobe capsule resurgence today. It seems to be a thing.  Everyone is doing it, each for their own reason.  I’m “studying” the concept.  I’m checking it out, but have not followed the steps in order, or maybe not at all.  It’s actually a method of self analysis.  What do I look best wearing? What shape am I? What is my skin coloring? I really think this is a great concept.  I think everyone should clean out their closets, but for me, It’s more important to wear what makes me feel good.  If you are sincerely interested in following or learning more about the capsule, this is a great website and includes links to more websites.

I believe confidence is the most important accessory. If you follow a capsule’s recommendations on shape, coloring, and all the other aspects they may not reflect your personality.  You may be uncomfortable wearing the suggested colors and shapes.  The clothes don’t make the person, the personality makes the person. I like the basic concept here.  But, you are dressing yourself so ENJOY!


Style OR Fashion

It’s pretty hard to define the difference between style or fashion.  Of the cuff, I would say I am definitely more stylish than fashionable. I have a look I’ve developed over the years.  I know what works and what doesn’t for me.  Mostly I recycle the same style, season after season.
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Style emphasizes what you believe to be your best features and mitigates the less favored. Everything about your style shows even those who do not know you a little about you and your personality.  My hair is naturally curly and I love it’s care free attitude, I’m a free spirit. Looking good and feeling good are so important and help you enjoy life more.  Imagine the last time someone made you wear something you really didn’t like.  Dress codes at work are a great example of this.  For me, when someone tells me the clothes I can and cannot wear, I immediately find ways to walk the line between good and evil.  It’s strange, but true: when enough people expect a certain behavior from you, there’s a  strong subconscious pull for you to do what they expect. Call me crazy, but I would rather people like me for who they perceive me to be, in my own style.  It’s a shame when people like you or are drawn to you simply because you seem to dress the part.  Especially when the “part” is no where near who you are.

Consider actors in their acting role. Carrie Bradshaw, has style, crazy over the top, this is who I am, style.  Jess, from New Girl, has style too. [envira-gallery id=”959″]
[envira-gallery slug=”carrie-bradshaw”] It’s not like Carrie’s at all, it’s more of the school girl, innocent look.  Both women you notice them, and can base your opinion of them by what you see and be correct. Phoebe, from friends, has style, you know by looking at her she’s a free spirit.

When I think of fashion, I think of the Kardashians.  [envira-gallery id=”956″]
[envira-gallery slug=”kardashians”] They change with the wind.  You can find an article about it here. Lady Gaga is another person without style in my opinion.  We are all wondering what will she look like next?  It doesn’t really matter if you have style or are fashionable to anyone except you.  Whoever you are, I hope you find enjoyment in what you wear.


Choosing a Sewing Machine

Choosing a Sewing Machine

Choosing a sewing machine is a very trying experience. Who can you ask that will give you their honest opinion and not just hope for a sell?  I asked around, different people had different ideas.  The best advice was to visit Amazon and read the reviews.  Then, make up my mind from there.  I was pretty sure I wanted the best bang for my buck!  What that entailed, I did not know.

When I first decided to sew again I was so baffled on how to choose a sewing machine.  The first one I picked, I think I loved because of the wonderful memories of my mom and I sewing on the machine.

Seriously, look at it! It’s so pretty! It’s newfangled and has a computer, that’s pretty cool. But, it looks like the one I remember. My husband even said I could buy it, I was working then. So I could buy it. Then I got cold feet. The machine was $232, what if I hated sewing?  Could I waste that much money?  Looking back, I really wish I would have bought that one.  Maybe one day.

There are so many choices out there.  I studied Amazon for days.  I would settle on one and find one similar but cheaper.  No way was I ever going to buy one of those old clunky 1970 machines.  I wanted the brightest and best.  I knew a little about stitches.  After all, my machine needed a zig zag, a buttonhole, and a zipper foot.  Beyond that, everything was gravy.

The first machine I purchased after beginning sewing again (30 years later) was a Singer Brilliance. It is a wonderful computerized machine. Not bad for $145 compared to the Heritage I really wanted.  lol  All the bells and whistles. I loved it. I sewed my little heart out while the memories of how to actually sew returned to my creaky brain. It struggled and I abused it with 1-2inch layers of fabric when I was making 10 blankets for Christmas. I sewed knit on it, sweatshirt material, pretty much everything I could get my hands on I tried sewing.

The second machine I purchased was the Singer Heavy Duty  machine. I picked this one for two reasons. I have and old (1970s) PFAFF machine that needs repairs. It was my grandma’s and I really wanted to fix it. It’s so solid, and makes me drool with the craftsmanship. But, more than that machine, I love to sew. Hence, the new machine. Plus, the price was amazing! A heavy duty Singer that stitches 1100 stitches per minute and has 32 stitch choices?  The biggest deciding factor was the price, at that time this machine, made of metal was $134 and Amazon showed me saving $125!  What a deal.  I was in heaven. I wanted more than anything to sew denim. Now way was my Brilliance going to do that, plus my Brilliance was slow.

These are my experiences, but if you would like an in-depth video on the topic, check this one out.   There is more to buying a machine than looks and price.  Educate yourself through the internet and Facebook groups.  Most of all ENJOY!

Sew, I haven’t done a Review in awhile…

I’ve been ultra busy!  Sew much going on here, remodeling the hubby’s music studio, my sewing studio, and living in total CHAOS!  Sew, I haven’t done a review in awhile.  I have been studying like mad though.  This sewing business is something else.  It seems the less you know the more you sew.  Seriously!  When I did not know about fitting, altering, adjusting, and sew on and sew on, I mass produced clothing.  Yeah, I really did.  I’m kinda embarrassed to say, some of that clothing I gave as presents.  People loved the presents though!  It must not have been that bad, right?  I think they are just super nice people and didn’t want to tell me.  haha!

While I’ve been, not blogging, I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs!  Earlier this year, I posted my list of best sewing blogs. They are still great blogs.  I’ve exposed myself to so many more now, and that was just March!  WOW…it really is mind boggling, the quality of sewing blogs.  Lately, I’ve become obsessed with the perfect fit and vintage everything sewing.  It reminds me so much of growing up and sitting next to my grandma while she sewed.  I recently found a book, the exact book she had in her sewing room. Amazon has some of the vintage books in electronic format.

This Simplicity book is the one I am really interested in now.  It just brings me warm fuzzies!

While surfing the web, is surfing still a thing?  Anyway, I found the most extensive list so far for Sewing blogs as rated by the blogger. Madalynne has her list of sewing blogs in cool categories. [envira-gallery id="883"]
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I love it!  There are categories for most inspirational, best bra maker, funniest, best tutorials, and tons more! I love that her list is so extensive.  I could spend a few months working my way through that list.  Not to shortchange her, because her own blog is spectacular! While you are surfing sewing blogs or Amazon for vintage goodies, ENJOY!

Muslins (the first commandment of sewing)

WOW! What a different world sewing is when you begin to use muslins.  I never had any idea they were so helpful. I thought they were a pain in the bootie.  Seriously, who wants to sew the same garment twice?  No one has that much time, do they?  Essentially, without realizing it, I was sewing the same garment twice, three times, maybe four just to get the right fit.  UGH what a waste of money!  Muslins should be the first commandment of sewing.  I have no idea why they don’t teach you this in home ec. Well, my home ec class didn’t teach me this.

I recently sewed my first dress muslin. No biggie right?  Then I had the nerve to post it in a Facebook group and ask their opinions. Yeah…that was a true eyeopener.  In a good way though, seriously.  I learned quite a bit. My most important critique was of the photo itself. I had no idea the picture really mattered.

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Guess, what? It REALLY matters.  I’ve given you a graphic to look at for proof.  These were all comments after I posted. Well, except the part about not smiling.  I figured that out on my own.  If you smile, people think you believe you created a masterpiece or something. Not true, I smile.  I smile, all. the. time.  I did not wear the proper bra, this severely altered the look of the fit.  I couldn’t find mine, it was late at night. My hands are on my hips for obvious reasons.  Hands on your hips make you look thinner.  This is a no no, because of my hands being on my hips it hides the true fit of the dress.  Oh, and I also did not press the dress.  I really did not care, but as you can see it makes a huge difference.  The skirt kinda looks wonky. I’ll cover the adjustments suggested in another post.  While you are sewing, whatever it is you are sewing, ENJOY!