Sew much to Learn

Sew much to learn, no matter how much I sew.  I learned this weekend children grow at amazing rates.  I measured my granddaughter less than a month ago.  I used those measurements to make her a very special dress.  She couldn’t get it over her head with a zipper!  I designed a top and skirt for her using the same measurements, it fit PERFECTLY!

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The Princess themed double peplum dress took me about 8 hours to make and about 10 seconds to try on then refashion.  The Van Gogh ensemble took less than 4 hours to design according to her measurements, cut out, and sew.  It, as you can see, fits perfectly!

I don’t know how to feel about this, do we design or use other’s designs? Even when I sew using a pattern, I do not go exactly by the pattern.  I always add some, glitz or glam.  For instance, the orange layer of the peplum, is covered in pink glitter!  When designing for myself or adult daughter we also have must haves in our clothing.  I’m a huge boho fan. So even simple tops end up with boho twist.  She has a nice booty, the things I design for her highlight her assets.  Most of my designs come from knowing the person.  As I’ve said a million times before, style is so much more than fashion.

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From this photo of me in my wedding dress I made pre sewing machine, you can tell I have a style!  No, I don’t don myself in tulle daily or sequins, at least not that much.  Whatever you sew or wear, ENJOY!

Transitioning Textiles

Always for me the hardest thing is knowing the best way of transitioning textiles.  Like, how soon is too soon to transition textiles from denim to something warmer? Is it really okay to wear white after Labor Day? I personally don’t, just because I rarely wear white, but there are others who do not care about fashion rules. They just wear what they like and make it their style. These are the ones scoffing at me in my black clothing throughout the Summer. LOL

My first transition would consist of a light jacket or sweater.  Hatchi Sweater Knit is a great transitioning textile.  The fabric is lightweight blends of rayon, poly, and lycra. Hatchi is fairly easy to acquire as the seasons change. I use it for Kimonos in the fall. Another great piece to add to your collection is a lace Kimono in any color or texture.  I made a black one last year and loved how easy it is to wear over jeans and a t shirt.  Lace kimonos appear much dressier in darker colors, while the lighter creams give a boho casual look.  Patchwork is a newer trend.  I’m loving it, a boho kinda gal gets excited about mixing and matching fabrics to create something new and unpredictable.  There are great examples here. My favorite is still the essential dress I flubbed at making a few weeks ago.  I’ll master it though.  I am dedicated to it now. 

Fleece is making a comeback?  Is it possible?  I read on one of the major pattern manufacturers website suggestions of using fleece as a light jacket. I guess in any case, before worrying about revamping the wardrobe for Fall, a jacket or light sweater should be first on the list.  I recently made a couple of simple Kimono’s using Hatchi knit.  One I used a charcoal grey and another I used an olive green.  I think they’ll both earn heavy rotation.  ENJOY!


Fall Fashion

It’s time again, to worry about fall fashion.  You know, visit the library, local bookstore, or coffeeshop and study up on what’s new and make lists of where you may find the fabric you are lusting after.  I start my search at Girl Charlee.  I just love the hand of that fabric.  Then I hit Fabric dot com. Both stores are equal as far as I am concerned.  I’ve never had a reason to complain. My new favorite place for shopping is the thrift stores.  Those 2xl shirts have a lot of fabric and where I live, Mondays are 99 cent clothing days. $5 will get a lot of fabric.

September is the month I scour all the fashion magazines, deciding where I’ll shop and what I’ll buy.  I’ve been doing this since childhood. So far I’ve discovered,

  1. Huge earrings are back
  2. Lace, lace, lace, we can’t get enough of it.  I’m so glad!  I love lace, it makes me feel sassy.
  3. The choker is also back, pretty cool, especially compared to those hot turtlenecks.
  4. And, slipping into fall is the uncovered shoulder look.  Pretty useful under a cardigan, vest, or kimono.  What do you think?
  5. I think this is going to be a great season.  Patterned and lace tights are back. (I promise that was not me screaming 🙂
  6. There seems to be a patchwork trend going on here.  Great for us!
  7. Neutrals are back as well.  I feel like the Fall theme is “BACK” lol
  8. White is sliding into the new season.  Paired with colored faux fur makes the look feel right for the season.
  9. Pantone is kind to us this season giving us a wide variety of colors to keep from getting bored.[envira-gallery id="1635"]
    [envira-gallery slug="1635"] WOW!  I love the variations.
  10. If this isn’t enough to get you started there is a Facebook page I am sure will help choose some colors for your fall wardrobe.

Remember, it’s more about style than fashion. Use your go to styles and change the colors or textures. Show me what you come up with, ENJOY!

Budding Designers

Budding Designers

Budding designers begin young,I don’t know about you, but as a child, a very young child, I was a budding designer. I always had paper and crayons or pencils to quickly sketch whatever it was in my head I thought someone may want to buy. Not only was I designer, my grandmother sewed. Double bonus! I think it up, put it on paper, and my grandma makes it a reality. I remember they had those little plastic forms you could color over and create something wonderful. Wonderful and just like everyone else’s. How boring! I did nt want to be that person making the same thing everyone else made. I wanted to be the girl with all original clothing. Funny thing is, now that I make my own clothes, I color the pattern the same way I want the garment to look in the end. Also at that time I can change the sleeves, the skirt, anything I don’t like about the pattern.There is a new line of products like this for children.

Crayola Catwalk House Of Fashion

Perfect for the catwalk designer

All these toys are perfect for the budding designer to design rock, glam, catwalk, hollywood, and house of fashion designs.

I’m not sure how kids would like these, but I am pretty sure I would need to buy some for me to try out.  You know, nothing is worse than disappointing children on Christmas. Besides, I may come up with new designs.  This does not mean I will be giving up on using paper and pencil sketches.  I just means I want to try the newest toys!  ENJOY



Birdnesting…my machine is making me MAD

Birdnesting, maybe you’ve never heard it called that but I bet it’s made you mad. You know, when you are sewing along and life is good, you cut the threads, turn it over and it’s a MESS. Horrific, mess, “I can’t wear this,” mess. That’s birdnesting! Why is my machine making me mad? For me, it’s mainly the result of laziness.

  1. I sometimes think it’s okay to use two different threads, one for the top and one for the bobbin.  If you do this, get ready for birdnesting.  Your machine is OCD and does not like to be messed with in this way.
  2. That metal plate, you know, the one under the presser foot and above the bobbin?  If that thing is not tightened, your machine will make clunking noises and as a result, birdnesting!  I guess, maybe I’ll check everything on my machine before sewing to prevent this.
  3. The “experts” say that the quality of thread really makes a difference.  I’m listening to them.  Because I hate having to use that seam ripper.  They suggest using the thread designed for the machine.
  4. Bargains are wonderful, but thread shouldn’t be one of the bargains. Thread should also be polyester, because it results in less lint.  No one likes cleaning lint out daily.  It takes away from our sewing time! Mercerized Cotton thread is also a good choice for the same reasons.
  5. Suggested brands are the tried and true Coats & Clark.  Lily, Star, and Gutermann are also good brands.
  6. Sometimes, I also get in a hurry and don’t make sure the feed dogs are down, which can cause all sorts of problems.
  7. Thread tails should be at least 2 inches long, I know we want to save money, but time is money and using too short thread tails will end up with a mess.  Plus, it takes more time than it should.
  8. Make sure your machine and bobbin are threaded correctly.
  9. Tension causes birdnesting also, make sure yours is tight enough.
  10. The spool cap is actually more important than I thought. It keeps your thread from getting out of control, hence, threading the machine properly.  🙂
  11. One thing I always do is hold onto the thread, both bobbin and machine thread, for a few stitches when I first start sewing.  This helps a great deal.

If none of the above help, you may need to take your baby to the local machine doctor.  Good Luck and ENJOY!