Budding designers begin young,I don’t know about you, but as a child, a very young child, I was a budding designer. I always had paper and crayons or pencils to quickly sketch whatever it was in my head I thought someone may want to buy. Not only was I designer, my grandmother sewed. Double bonus! I think it up, put it on paper, and my grandma makes it a reality. I remember they had those little plastic forms you could color over and create something wonderful. Wonderful and just like everyone else’s. How boring! I did nt want to be that person making the same thing everyone else made. I wanted to be the girl with all original clothing. Funny thing is, now that I make my own clothes, I color the pattern the same way I want the garment to look in the end. Also at that time I can change the sleeves, the skirt, anything I don’t like about the pattern.There is a new line of products like this for children.

Crayola Catwalk House Of Fashion

Perfect for the catwalk designer

All these toys are perfect for the budding designer to design rock, glam, catwalk, hollywood, and house of fashion designs.

I’m not sure how kids would like these, but I am pretty sure I would need to buy some for me to try out.  You know, nothing is worse than disappointing children on Christmas. Besides, I may come up with new designs.  This does not mean I will be giving up on using paper and pencil sketches.  I just means I want to try the newest toys!  ENJOY