Blanket Tutorial

I sew a lot this time of year.  I try to be like Santa, HO…HO…HO, time to sew.  One thing I’ve made in the past is fleece blankets.  No, not the ones with fringe, mine are special and extra cuddly on the back side. I use fleece for the top, well you can use it as the bottom, but the side with the decoration or color the person would like. The backside I use a special minky fabric that coordinates with the top.  For children, I use only one yard each of fabric.  Adults, I found out by trial and error, mostly error 🙂 need two yards of fabric.

Pins are a necessity!  Do not attempt without pinning first.  You’ll be really unhappy and it will take twice as long because you will have to use your seam ripper more than anyone would ever like.  These fabrics slide a little so they need to be pinned down.

Blanket Tutorial

  1. Measure the fleece and the pinky fabric.  They MUST be exactly the same size.
  2. Cut any edges the store may have messed up on cutting.  Sometimes the edge may not be exactly straight.  The first two steps are the most important.
  3. Pin right sides* together.  Pin fabric together at 2 inch or less  intervals. This is another opportunity to make sure the fabrics match up properly.
  4. Ready to sew?  I use a stretch stitch when I sew mine.  I want to make sure these last a long long time.  If you do not have a stretch stitch, the zig zag is a good choice.  Make sure your seams are 5/8″.  Do not sew too close to the edge.
  5. Sew, leaving an 18′ opening to turn the  blanket so the design is showing.
  6. Turn the blanket so the design is showing.  Hand sew the final 18 inches.
  7. It’s ready for giving.  Good Job!  I hope you enjoyed it.

For children, this gift can average $20, depending on the fabrics used.  Anytime you use a licensed print such as Disney, the fabric is going to cost more.  I’m able to make the adult blankets out of two yards using plaid or something non licensed for under $30.  These blankets sell retail beginning at $40 and hand made presents are priceless!

*right sides- the side you want facing out when the blanket is complete.  Usually the softest side of the fabric or the side with the design.

Sewing for your Man

Sewing for your Man

I sew a lot for myself and my granddaughter.   I don’t know about you, but I have never tried sewing for my man.  He told me he wanted something cool and unique like my clothes. Let me tell you sewing for your man is not the same as sewing for yourself.  I self drafted a pattern. Those armsyces are gigantic in comparison to the amount of garment used on women’s clothing. Also, when sewing for your man, the sleeve pattern shape is slightly different.  This, upon reflection, makes sense.  Men don’t want to look curvy, they want to look solid like a brick wall 🙂Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I designed him a tee shirt.  Not just a plain ole, I can buy this at Walmart, tee shirt.  The one I designed for him has plaid sleeves, neckline, and pocket!  He LOVES it!  Before I was finished, he put it on and shared on Facebook. That’s pretty sweet huh?[envira-gallery id="2290"]
[envira-gallery slug="2290"]

You know, as the weather gets cooler, sewing for your man is something you may want to consider. I don’t know if you want to make a 

 wardrobe or just add a few pieces here and there. I’ve actually made him one other thing, PJs lol.  Poor guy, he wears those too.  I just started sewing again and he was one of my guinea pigs. 🙂 I made a shirt to match for out littlest dog too.  If I were to sew him more pieces I’d start with a henley, maybe make a cardigan, flannel shirt, and maybe even some sweats.  I do not think I’m ready or he’s ready for me to sew his jeans yet. 🙂 Whatever you sew for your man…ENJOY!

Red the Vintage Singer

Lucy’s Sewing Lab gained a new member to her family this week, “Red.” My daughter found her at a garage sale, $15!  I feel really bad for the granddaughter who no longer has Red the vintage singer to use as a dumb bell.  These are the pictures my daughter sent me of her.[envira-gallery id="2237"]
[envira-gallery slug="red-before-i-got-her"]When I finally was able to pick her up, I cleaned her, checked her out, and researched a lot. If you need to research a vintage machine, this is a great place to look. You can get more information and become a member at this site. My machine the Singer 66-16 was the first mass produced sewing machine.  Most believe it produces a near perfect stitch in a variety of fabrics. Unbelievably to us at this point, the sewing machine was one of the most expensive at the time.  It cost several months wages, I guess I wouldn’t be sewing! The machine may have been expensive, but for professionals, or those who like to think they are pros, and needed more foot clearance Singer 66 was the machine to buy.  [envira-gallery id="2234"]
[envira-gallery slug="red-certificate"]I got her certified too!

I really cannot wait to get her up and going.  The machine is a hand crank, most were urged to convert to electric during the war to increase production.   Some women, were stubborn, though, Imagine that, and refused, continuing to work those arms and sew their little hearts out for the men. The factory this machine was created in was destroyed along with all records of the machine were lost in the war. The C series was only made for about 10 years. There is a great video here.  I don’t know if you are into vintage machines or not, let me know in the comments!  Enjoy!

Christmas Elves…..start your shopping engines

Christmas Elves, start your shopping engines.  The sales for us are beginning already.  No on wants to pay more than they need to for anything right? I’m going to do a rundown of the current JoAnns and Hancock ads.  These prices are good until October 28 and some are good even longer.

Hancock Fabrics

They advertise on the from page “All about fleece sale” $3.83, lowest prices of the season!  But when you turn the page, those prices do not hold true for the novelty, Disney, and other fleece.  Eh, it’s okay we like a lower price, right?

  • The $3.83 fleece includes the following:
  • Anti-pill fleece solids save $6
  • Glacier & Simply fleece Prints save $7
  • Glacier Fleece Solids save $5

So, if you are sewing an adult size blanket, you would need two yards, I found this out the hard way.  $7.66 for an adult size blanket. I put a backing on mine that’s really fluffy, so it cost more but, this is a GREAT deal!

30% of character print fleece, typically for a child, one yard needed. These are running around $6-$12

Team fleece, with a few exceptions are running about $10 a yard. Again for an adult, $20 pretty good deal and people love them!

For anyone making clothing for Christmas the apparel fabric is at a great level.

  • Special Occassion 30% off
  • Fall coordinates 40% off 
  • Knits, matte, fashion,jersey, and ponte 40%
  • 50% of all of the following! Average about $6 a yard
    • Sportswear solids and prints
    • Suede Solids
    • Poly Print Solids
    • Interlock prints and solids


They are giving you a run for your money as well, I keep both stores coupons with me at all times and use the best offer because they honor each other’s coupons.

October 22-25

  • DRUMROLL…..60% off any one regular priced item 
  • 50% off your total purchase of regular priced notions and wall items
  • FLEECE FLEECE FLEECE…..50% OFF ($4.99-$16.00) hint, bring your flyer from Hancocks 🙂
    • anti pill
    • blizzard
    • and new sew throw kits
  • 50% yes, 50% off the marked price on all red tag
  • Home Decor prints, solids and upholstery fabric 50% off
  • October 22-31 50% off regular priced fabric

Coupons are as follows, in the flyer, you may find better ones.

  • October 22- November 4
    • 40% off any one regular priced item
  • October 29-November 4
    • 20% off entire purchase including sale merchandise
  • October 26- 28
    • 50% off any regular priced item
  • November 2-4
    • 30% off total regular price

I hope this gives you a head’s up for sales at two local retailers.  Let me know if you would like to have other’s listed as well. ENJOY yourselves, elves!

2017 opinion of the Best Sewing Blogs


It’s the world wide web….obviously there are more resources out there than anyone can use. I did a version of this blog when I first started sewing. My opinion of the best sewing blogs has evolved. This is an update to that list from last year. In no particular order, of course.

  • Boomerina– I already did an entire blog on her, one of my favorites!
  • Colette– more information than can be taken in, great blog
  • The Renegade Seamstress– great tutorials
  • Daily Seam– always new information
  • Fitting– a textbook online
  • Clothing Patterns 101 – this site is amazing because they show you how to modify patterns to your specificity.
  • Unsung Sewing Patterns–  trip through the decades
  • Sewing Parts Online – videos of everything any seamstress wannabe could desire
  • Sewing In No Mans Land– Great site for everyone in the family.  I especially love the box pleat skirt.
  • Olfa – Great projects and articles using their products. I LOVE my Olfa rotary cutter.
  • Cloth Habit– lingerie information….great info and lots of it!
  • FREE classes from Craftsy, download them and hoard them.  Their classes are not usually free.
  • FREE patterns– Actually if you didn’t want to buy patterns, she has most things you would want on her site.
  • Girl Charlee– This is my very favorite place to buy knit fabric!  Okay, honestly I’ve only shopped at this online store.  But, I love it!  The prices and quality are amazing compared to Joann’s and Hancock Fabric, which are my only other choices.
  • Simplicity– Perfect site for storing your fabric and pattern stash.  A wonderful reference when you are shopping and cannot remember what you need and what you have.
  • Threads Magazine–  So, you’re at home and need inspiration or just want to learn new things?  I love this site for that reason.
  • Mood– I just discovered this one and feel like there is more information than I’ll ever be able to get bored with, they also sell fabric.
  • My Pintrest–  This probably has the most information of all the sites I’ve listed.  It will carry you from beginner to infinity!
  • Melly Sews– Tons and tons of tutorials and how to’s
  • Inspiration– For those days you want to create because you have this fabric….welll, this site will help on determining what to create.
  • Best Sewing Machine Reviews– Unbiased opinions
  • I have great information as well.

Of course, this is not all inclusive.  Maybe, I’ll choose a blog a week or so to review?  Enjoy yourself with this list, I sure do!