I sew a lot this time of year.  I try to be like Santa, HO…HO…HO, time to sew.  One thing I’ve made in the past is fleece blankets.  No, not the ones with fringe, mine are special and extra cuddly on the back side. I use fleece for the top, well you can use it as the bottom, but the side with the decoration or color the person would like. The backside I use a special minky fabric that coordinates with the top.  For children, I use only one yard each of fabric.  Adults, I found out by trial and error, mostly error 🙂 need two yards of fabric.

Pins are a necessity!  Do not attempt without pinning first.  You’ll be really unhappy and it will take twice as long because you will have to use your seam ripper more than anyone would ever like.  These fabrics slide a little so they need to be pinned down.

Blanket Tutorial

  1. Measure the fleece and the pinky fabric.  They MUST be exactly the same size.
  2. Cut any edges the store may have messed up on cutting.  Sometimes the edge may not be exactly straight.  The first two steps are the most important.
  3. Pin right sides* together.  Pin fabric together at 2 inch or less  intervals. This is another opportunity to make sure the fabrics match up properly.
  4. Ready to sew?  I use a stretch stitch when I sew mine.  I want to make sure these last a long long time.  If you do not have a stretch stitch, the zig zag is a good choice.  Make sure your seams are 5/8″.  Do not sew too close to the edge.
  5. Sew, leaving an 18′ opening to turn the  blanket so the design is showing.
  6. Turn the blanket so the design is showing.  Hand sew the final 18 inches.
  7. It’s ready for giving.  Good Job!  I hope you enjoyed it.

For children, this gift can average $20, depending on the fabrics used.  Anytime you use a licensed print such as Disney, the fabric is going to cost more.  I’m able to make the adult blankets out of two yards using plaid or something non licensed for under $30.  These blankets sell retail beginning at $40 and hand made presents are priceless!

*right sides- the side you want facing out when the blanket is complete.  Usually the softest side of the fabric or the side with the design.