Knowing the parts of a machine is the most important part of sewing.  Seriously!  All that tech garbage just gets in the way of creativity. But, nonetheless, these parts of a machine are extremely important to know. If you do not know the thingamajig is actually the feed dogs, no one can help.  Because when you ask for help they will have no way of explaining to you how to accomplish what you want. I’m including a video to help you through the darkness of the valleys.  Hopefully encouraging you not to quit sewing before you get started just because the parts of a machine are bullying you.

I promise over time you’ll learn these things and sewing will be a breeze. Pretty good graphics but they are not exactly the same on every machine. the best place to look is your menu. Once you learn about your machine.  How to thread the needle, what the parts of the machine do, and most importantly how to turn it on, you’ll be ready to practice sewing some straight lines.

Some people start sewing on paper, following a pre-drawn line. I was afraid it would somehow kill the sewing machine.  I started with making curtains and pillows.  Those are two simple projects that can be made quickly and are fulfilling.  ENJOY!