Birdnesting, maybe you’ve never heard it called that but I bet it’s made you mad. You know, when you are sewing along and life is good, you cut the threads, turn it over and it’s a MESS. Horrific, mess, “I can’t wear this,” mess. That’s birdnesting! Why is my machine making me mad? For me, it’s mainly the result of laziness.

  1. I sometimes think it’s okay to use two different threads, one for the top and one for the bobbin.  If you do this, get ready for birdnesting.  Your machine is OCD and does not like to be messed with in this way.
  2. That metal plate, you know, the one under the presser foot and above the bobbin?  If that thing is not tightened, your machine will make clunking noises and as a result, birdnesting!  I guess, maybe I’ll check everything on my machine before sewing to prevent this.
  3. The “experts” say that the quality of thread really makes a difference.  I’m listening to them.  Because I hate having to use that seam ripper.  They suggest using the thread designed for the machine.
  4. Bargains are wonderful, but thread shouldn’t be one of the bargains. Thread should also be polyester, because it results in less lint.  No one likes cleaning lint out daily.  It takes away from our sewing time! Mercerized Cotton thread is also a good choice for the same reasons.
  5. Suggested brands are the tried and true Coats & Clark.  Lily, Star, and Gutermann are also good brands.
  6. Sometimes, I also get in a hurry and don’t make sure the feed dogs are down, which can cause all sorts of problems.
  7. Thread tails should be at least 2 inches long, I know we want to save money, but time is money and using too short thread tails will end up with a mess.  Plus, it takes more time than it should.
  8. Make sure your machine and bobbin are threaded correctly.
  9. Tension causes birdnesting also, make sure yours is tight enough.
  10. The spool cap is actually more important than I thought. It keeps your thread from getting out of control, hence, threading the machine properly.  🙂
  11. One thing I always do is hold onto the thread, both bobbin and machine thread, for a few stitches when I first start sewing.  This helps a great deal.

If none of the above help, you may need to take your baby to the local machine doctor.  Good Luck and ENJOY!