Always for me the hardest thing is knowing the best way of transitioning textiles.  Like, how soon is too soon to transition textiles from denim to something warmer? Is it really okay to wear white after Labor Day? I personally don’t, just because I rarely wear white, but there are others who do not care about fashion rules. They just wear what they like and make it their style. These are the ones scoffing at me in my black clothing throughout the Summer. LOL

My first transition would consist of a light jacket or sweater.  Hatchi Sweater Knit is a great transitioning textile.  The fabric is lightweight blends of rayon, poly, and lycra. Hatchi is fairly easy to acquire as the seasons change. I use it for Kimonos in the fall. Another great piece to add to your collection is a lace Kimono in any color or texture.  I made a black one last year and loved how easy it is to wear over jeans and a t shirt.  Lace kimonos appear much dressier in darker colors, while the lighter creams give a boho casual look.  Patchwork is a newer trend.  I’m loving it, a boho kinda gal gets excited about mixing and matching fabrics to create something new and unpredictable.  There are great examples here. My favorite is still the essential dress I flubbed at making a few weeks ago.  I’ll master it though.  I am dedicated to it now. 

Fleece is making a comeback?  Is it possible?  I read on one of the major pattern manufacturers website suggestions of using fleece as a light jacket. I guess in any case, before worrying about revamping the wardrobe for Fall, a jacket or light sweater should be first on the list.  I recently made a couple of simple Kimono’s using Hatchi knit.  One I used a charcoal grey and another I used an olive green.  I think they’ll both earn heavy rotation.  ENJOY!