Sew much to learn, no matter how much I sew.  I learned this weekend children grow at amazing rates.  I measured my granddaughter less than a month ago.  I used those measurements to make her a very special dress.  She couldn’t get it over her head with a zipper!  I designed a top and skirt for her using the same measurements, it fit PERFECTLY!

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The Princess themed double peplum dress took me about 8 hours to make and about 10 seconds to try on then refashion.  The Van Gogh ensemble took less than 4 hours to design according to her measurements, cut out, and sew.  It, as you can see, fits perfectly!

I don’t know how to feel about this, do we design or use other’s designs? Even when I sew using a pattern, I do not go exactly by the pattern.  I always add some, glitz or glam.  For instance, the orange layer of the peplum, is covered in pink glitter!  When designing for myself or adult daughter we also have must haves in our clothing.  I’m a huge boho fan. So even simple tops end up with boho twist.  She has a nice booty, the things I design for her highlight her assets.  Most of my designs come from knowing the person.  As I’ve said a million times before, style is so much more than fashion.

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From this photo of me in my wedding dress I made pre sewing machine, you can tell I have a style!  No, I don’t don myself in tulle daily or sequins, at least not that much.  Whatever you sew or wear, ENJOY!