Sew….I started wondering who came up with this Capsule wardrobe stuff?  Surely it’s not new.  Nothing really is in the fashion world. Capsule’s of all varieties came from England. Doesn’t everything come from there?  America even came from England. lol  Seams as though, a lady named Susie Faux was living in London in the 70’s and opened a new shop, London’s West End.  The idea was that everything for a total look was in the same store.  Kind of like our malls today.  But not really, because it was all in the same store.  That’s cool!  No running from place to place, using up excess gas and time.  The American Capsule was the brainchild of Donna Karan!  One of my all time faves! Simplicity is key here, she is the creator of the simple American wardrobe.

In the 80’s, Donna Karan developed a clothing concept based on seven, only SEVEN pieces!  I remember this so well.  I believe this is where my love of BLACK originated.  The woman always looks amazing, head to toe comfy black coordinates.  I knew at that moment, I would dress like her. She opened up her portion of the fashion show with her models all dressed in black bodysuits and pants.  They added pieces to create wearable wardrobes. She wanted wardrobes for women who hate shopping and don’t have time anyway.

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This brings us to the wardrobe capsule resurgence today. It seems to be a thing.  Everyone is doing it, each for their own reason.  I’m “studying” the concept.  I’m checking it out, but have not followed the steps in order, or maybe not at all.  It’s actually a method of self analysis.  What do I look best wearing? What shape am I? What is my skin coloring? I really think this is a great concept.  I think everyone should clean out their closets, but for me, It’s more important to wear what makes me feel good.  If you are sincerely interested in following or learning more about the capsule, this is a great website and includes links to more websites.

I believe confidence is the most important accessory. If you follow a capsule’s recommendations on shape, coloring, and all the other aspects they may not reflect your personality.  You may be uncomfortable wearing the suggested colors and shapes.  The clothes don’t make the person, the personality makes the person. I like the basic concept here.  But, you are dressing yourself so ENJOY!