WOW! What a different world sewing is when you begin to use muslins.  I never had any idea they were so helpful. I thought they were a pain in the bootie.  Seriously, who wants to sew the same garment twice?  No one has that much time, do they?  Essentially, without realizing it, I was sewing the same garment twice, three times, maybe four just to get the right fit.  UGH what a waste of money!  Muslins should be the first commandment of sewing.  I have no idea why they don’t teach you this in home ec. Well, my home ec class didn’t teach me this.

I recently sewed my first dress muslin. No biggie right?  Then I had the nerve to post it in a Facebook group and ask their opinions. Yeah…that was a true eyeopener.  In a good way though, seriously.  I learned quite a bit. My most important critique was of the photo itself. I had no idea the picture really mattered.

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Guess, what? It REALLY matters.  I’ve given you a graphic to look at for proof.  These were all comments after I posted. Well, except the part about not smiling.  I figured that out on my own.  If you smile, people think you believe you created a masterpiece or something. Not true, I smile.  I smile, all. the. time.  I did not wear the proper bra, this severely altered the look of the fit.  I couldn’t find mine, it was late at night. My hands are on my hips for obvious reasons.  Hands on your hips make you look thinner.  This is a no no, because of my hands being on my hips it hides the true fit of the dress.  Oh, and I also did not press the dress.  I really did not care, but as you can see it makes a huge difference.  The skirt kinda looks wonky. I’ll cover the adjustments suggested in another post.  While you are sewing, whatever it is you are sewing, ENJOY!