I’ve been ultra busy!  Sew much going on here, remodeling the hubby’s music studio, my sewing studio, and living in total CHAOS!  Sew, I haven’t done a review in awhile.  I have been studying like mad though.  This sewing business is something else.  It seems the less you know the more you sew.  Seriously!  When I did not know about fitting, altering, adjusting, and sew on and sew on, I mass produced clothing.  Yeah, I really did.  I’m kinda embarrassed to say, some of that clothing I gave as presents.  People loved the presents though!  It must not have been that bad, right?  I think they are just super nice people and didn’t want to tell me.  haha!

While I’ve been, not blogging, I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs!  Earlier this year, I posted my list of best sewing blogs. They are still great blogs.  I’ve exposed myself to so many more now, and that was just March!  WOW…it really is mind boggling, the quality of sewing blogs.  Lately, I’ve become obsessed with the perfect fit and vintage everything sewing.  It reminds me so much of growing up and sitting next to my grandma while she sewed.  I recently found a book, the exact book she had in her sewing room. Amazon has some of the vintage books in electronic format.

This Simplicity book is the one I am really interested in now.  It just brings me warm fuzzies!

While surfing the web, is surfing still a thing?  Anyway, I found the most extensive list so far for Sewing blogs as rated by the blogger. Madalynne has her list of sewing blogs in cool categories. [envira-gallery id="883"]
[envira-gallery slug="madelynne"]

I love it!  There are categories for most inspirational, best bra maker, funniest, best tutorials, and tons more! I love that her list is so extensive.  I could spend a few months working my way through that list.  Not to shortchange her, because her own blog is spectacular! While you are surfing sewing blogs or Amazon for vintage goodies, ENJOY!