It’s pretty hard to define the difference between style or fashion.  Of the cuff, I would say I am definitely more stylish than fashionable. I have a look I’ve developed over the years.  I know what works and what doesn’t for me.  Mostly I recycle the same style, season after season.
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Style emphasizes what you believe to be your best features and mitigates the less favored. Everything about your style shows even those who do not know you a little about you and your personality.  My hair is naturally curly and I love it’s care free attitude, I’m a free spirit. Looking good and feeling good are so important and help you enjoy life more.  Imagine the last time someone made you wear something you really didn’t like.  Dress codes at work are a great example of this.  For me, when someone tells me the clothes I can and cannot wear, I immediately find ways to walk the line between good and evil.  It’s strange, but true: when enough people expect a certain behavior from you, there’s a  strong subconscious pull for you to do what they expect. Call me crazy, but I would rather people like me for who they perceive me to be, in my own style.  It’s a shame when people like you or are drawn to you simply because you seem to dress the part.  Especially when the “part” is no where near who you are.

Consider actors in their acting role. Carrie Bradshaw, has style, crazy over the top, this is who I am, style.  Jess, from New Girl, has style too. [envira-gallery id=”959″]
[envira-gallery slug=”carrie-bradshaw”] It’s not like Carrie’s at all, it’s more of the school girl, innocent look.  Both women you notice them, and can base your opinion of them by what you see and be correct. Phoebe, from friends, has style, you know by looking at her she’s a free spirit.

When I think of fashion, I think of the Kardashians.  [envira-gallery id=”956″]
[envira-gallery slug=”kardashians”] They change with the wind.  You can find an article about it here. Lady Gaga is another person without style in my opinion.  We are all wondering what will she look like next?  It doesn’t really matter if you have style or are fashionable to anyone except you.  Whoever you are, I hope you find enjoyment in what you wear.