I surf the web quite a bit, the blogs incorporating  inspirational, fashionable, tutorials are my favorites! I don’t know about you, but I get inspired with other people’s creations.  Fashion sewing blogs keep me on my toes. I take it all as a challenge. My ultimate favorite is not even aimed at the sewing community.

Who, What, Wear is a daily inspiration.  I especially love the fashion trends section.

Inspirational Sewing Related Blogs

Colertterie: Has been mentioned many times on my blog.  I love her instructional manner.  I read her book!  I seriously went to the library and checked it out.  She is such an inspiration. Make a wardrobe that’s truly yours. That is exactly what I love about her!  She doesn’t want you as a clone of her, she wants you to learn and be your own person.

Dixie DIY: Is inspirational, I love how she mixes a circle skirt with  a sweatshirt, but for the most part, we don’t share the same style.  Which is fine.  The completed projects section is a great place to start if you are looking for overall ideas.

Cloth Habit:  I love to dream that one day I won’t even need Victoria’s Secret.  Well, so far in my few attempts, they have nothing to worry about.

Ladybird: Is not only inspirational she’s quite the teacher as well.  Check this out, she goes into great detail about how to create your own personal croquis.[envira-gallery id="2415"]
[envira-gallery slug="sketch-tutorial"]

Julia bobbin: I love this blog.  Not only does she look cute and hip, she can sew!  She’s also into pop culture and shows the reader how to make things you see people wearing on TV.  An actual “as seen on TV” blog lol. You, too, can look like Jess from New Girl, or someone from Mad Men, who cares?  She has great sew alongs as well.  Check her out!

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Erica B. : Look at that ^^^^^^^^ love at first site.  If you need me, I’ll be over at her place. I want to know the art of cultivating a stylish wardrobe!  I know how I do it, but WOW, someone with blog I can relate to…YESSSSS! She sews like I do by looking through fashion mags.  LOVE

WOW, if you have not hung out on any of these blogs, I hope you do now!  Enjoy!