Studio Decor on the Cheap

The most fun I have had remodeling my studio is the decorating part. Let's admit it, wall decor is expensive!  Plus, I couldn't really find what I wanted to use. What's a girl to do who wants studio decor on the cheap?  Of course, make her own!  What?  I want something cool, not homemade!  One day while surfing my groups on Facebook, I saw where someone had sewn a retro pattern.  DING, DING, DING!  I could purchase retro patterns on Ebay! Not really so cheap.  Pretty cheap, but I wanted cheaper!

Shazam!  I can use the pictures of the patterns. Hmmmm…..time for a visit to Pinterest.  I created a pretty good size board.

[envira-gallery id="813"]
[envira-gallery slug="studio-decor-on-the-cheap"]

Then, I saved the images I wanted to print.  You can do this by right clicking and select save image.  Next, I imported them into my Walgreens account.

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They have a great deal on 4×5 prints. The Dollar Tree is my one stop shop for picture frames for my studio decor on the cheap.

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These turned out really good and look amazing in my Studio.


I think next I’ll use Vogue magazine covers and create 8×10 photos too! [envira-gallery id="827"]
[envira-gallery slug="vintage-mags"]

Whatever you do, or however you decorate, ENJOY!