Sew Thrifty with Amazon

If you’ve been following my blog very long you know I love to sew thrifty! Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop. For various reasons, but mostly because if I spend $35 I get free shipping! I shop at and pay through Amazon because, who cannot find $35 of fabric? Shipping is outrageous these days. I will always shop anywhere that will allow me to skip the shipping charges.

So, just now I filled my Amazon cart up with mostly add-on items. They get kinda picky if you try for $25 of just add on items. LOL….It took me a few minutes longer because of this. I had to find some regular price items to make them happy. It made me happy too, I saved $25 plus shipping.

In case you are wondering the good deals are as follows;
Clover Wonder Clips, Red, 50-Pack by Clover
COATS & CLARK Dual Duty Plus Denim Thread, 125-Yard
Wrights 881428 Flower Head Multicolor Pins, 75 pins
Singer Titanium Universal Reg and Ball Point Machine Needles Combo Pack, 8-Pack
Singer Denim Machine Needles, Size 100/16, 3-Pack
Dritz Ergonomic Design Large Seam Ripper

I think that’s pretty good, especially saving on shipping plus $25. Where do you shop for your good sewing deals?


Shop LucyLou 918….soon!

It’s been very busy around here.  When I’m not sewing, making jewelry, blogging, or sleeping a new online store is preparing to open!  I can’t wait for you to shop LucyLou 918.  I’ve started adding items already, but need to tidy up a little before it goes live.  For example, I don’t have PayPal set up yet. I have put contact forms on each item though so if you need to ask questions, order, or request something custom feel free to use those forms. I can also be contacted via Facebook email.

I would love to create the item you’ve been looking for and couldn’t find.  That’s actually how the idea of LucyLou 918 came about.  I have never been able to find anything 100% perfect.  Everything I looked at while shopping was either too over the top for me or just plain and boring.  This is frustrating! So, I started shopping for supplies to create exactly what I wanted to purchase.  As I created jewelry and wore it to work people began to notice and ask about the necklace or whatever.  Time passed and these same people began to ask about buying my jewelry.  Somewhere around 2013 I started an Etsy shop and really did not tend to the needs of a business for success.  I was working outside the home and my grandchildren were with me much of the time. Those two factors prevented me from the work I needed to do.  At this time, I do not work outside the home and have more than enough time for a successful venture!

Right now my catalog has accessories for her and the home.  A wide array of handmade jewelry, pillows, and aprons. The catalog is growing daily.  Like I said before please feel free to contact me [contact-form subject='[Lucy%26#039;s Sewing Lab’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] with any questions or special orders.  Remember, Christmas is only 4 months away!


Sewing Needles Demystified

I have been sewing regularly, as in more than three times a week for a year now.  You know what?  I STILL don’t know that much about sewing needles.  I did a little research and wanted to share with you all, “Sewing Needles Demystified”.  It’s so confusing to me how to know when to change the needle, they seem to wear out fast around here.  I think I really make my machine work hard.  In the past week I have sewn a Kimino, four skirts, two tops, shorts, a little girl’s skirt, and a circle top.  I’ve also made a handbag and a bag for my O2.  I guess when I look at it that way, I really am not that hard on my needles, I just sew a lot.  It always seems like they should last longer.

The consensus is not exactly in agreement. Some say after every project, while others feel the need to change them after eight hours. I don’t know, my machine makes this “noise” I know then, I better change the needle or there are going to be some problems. 🙂

After a little searching on a few sites I found enough information to create this downloadable, printable chart.  I think it’s pretty useful for your sewing room. I really haven’t paid much attention to the number on the needle.  I usually go by the name of the needle.  If I am sewing denim, I buy denim needles.

I hope this chart helped someone other than me, just a little. 🙂 ENJOY!

Sewing Giveaways, Contests, and Freebies

Getting stuff for free is like a dream come true right?  Here’s a list of sewing Giveaways, Contests and Freebies I just found and  entered. I have entered giveaways before and loved that I won a gift certificate. Everyone loves freebies right?  I’ve already turned the gift certificate into clothing.  Win win! I’m thinking what I’ll do is post a monthly list of websites offering contests or giveaways.  I know something like that would be useful for me.

Websites currently offering Sewing Giveaways


Currently Running Contests