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[envira-gallery id=”3519″]Guess what?  There is something new at Lucy’s Lab, you can now, follow my blog with Bloglovin! Oh my goodness, I am so excited to show you something NEW at Lucy’s Lab! [envira-gallery id="1960"]
[envira-gallery slug="1960"]Also, I’ve been gathering photos from fashion magazines and have created a photo journal. I love it!  It’s a great way to skim and not have to scroll through a blog post to find some pictures to inspire you! Eventually I hope to have a lot more inspirations and tutorials for more of the clothing for fall.  I’ve already described to you how to make a vest in this post [envira-gallery id="1696"]
[envira-gallery slug="fur-vest"]  Personally, I cut out all the photos in the magazines that inspire me.  So far I’ve destroyed one magazine and have two more magazines to go.  Anyway, then I get out scissors, glue, and cardboard.  Yes, I pretend I’m in grade school again! I make a collage of the things I like.  Kind of a “to do” list for myself. Eventually I look through the fabrics I have and compare them to what I have on my collage. At this point I’m racking my brain thinking of how I can use the fabric. It happens, in time.  I feel so wonderful wearing what everyone else wants, even better, they can’t find it in the stores even if they try.

Isn’t that why we all sew?  To be unique and different?  They say blue and emerald green are going to be a color combination this year.  I’m stoked to find that out the same day I purchased some blue paisley for pants.  I don’t wear much blue and was really fretting about what I was going to do.  You know, what goes with blue?  Grey and black are always safe, oh and of course another of my least favorites, red.  LOL….see how my problem was growing? I hope you ENJOY the change of seasons.



I know not everyone gets super duper excited like I do, but this is a real holiday to me. September fashion mag season, the colors, the shapes, the looks, the accessories, the trends in make up, hair, shoes, it’s there!  Right THERE in 700 pages!  Fashion at it’s best….make it or break it time.  Growing up that’s how it was.  Fashion was dictated by the September fashion mag season.  My grandma and I would always buy VOGUE magazine.  We looked, page after page at color combinations, shapes, trends, textures, everything!  This is so important for a seamstress.  I can flip through this magazine, which by  the way is not the one mentioned above.  I subscribed to BAZAAR this year and probably will purchase at least one of the other issues. I could pick anything I wanted out of the magazine!  We would then go shopping for fabric and notions.  My sweet, talented grandma would make me the latest trends!  I can’t wait to do this for myself! This is a blog to keep an eye on for inspiration.

What do you, my wonderful, glorious, fashion loving readers get out of this? A review, a short, a pictorial of what I took away from my first flip through the magazine.[envira-gallery id="1696"]
[envira-gallery slug="fur-vest"] 

My ultimate favorite from the entire magazine.  We can all own a fur vest this season.  Faux fur is on sale right now at several retail and online stores.  The pattern for this is basically a kimono without sleeves.  You need two rectangles the same size. Cut one of them down the middle, all the way, this is the front of your vest.  Put right sides together.  Sew shoulder seams.  Sew side seams.  Then proudly wear it as much as possible. This blog has a pictorial if you need one. I am so ready to buy my purple fur and make my vest.  You don’t like vests?  Guess what? Fur scarves are huge this year!  If you can cut the fur to the size you like best, you too can have a trendy fur scarf.  Isn’t sewing wonderful?

I’m tempted to leave you here….mouth drooling wondering what else is in that magazine.  But, I can’t I have to share a little more….right? [envira-gallery id="1713"]
[envira-gallery slug="not-in-mag"]This isn’t in the magazine! LOL

Too many lists of top ten by different people are in this issue. Light pink is a thing this season.  I’m extremely happy. I think this is a color anyone can wear. According to the magazine, the well spent dollar is on black and white.

Black and Bleu are a thing as well as emerald and sea blue.  Darker shades of red and purple as well as camel.  So, as I’ve heard “pretty much any color” goes.  Well, I’ll share more next time.  SO much to tell you, I can’t wait.  Until then, ENJOY!


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A Bevy of Fashion Trends

A Bevy of Fashion Trends

Seriously, I’ve never had such a difficult time making a list of textiles to purchase for 2015/16 fashion. A bevy of fashion trends make choosing styles, textures, and attitude difficult.
It’s because of this I’m glad I snagged up that leopard coat in June at my local thrift store for $15.  I can’t purchase the fabric for that amount. Oversized capes to animal prints and leather trucker jackets, the fashion runways have been busy showcasing the emerging trends. Colors are refreshing this season reds, browns, camel, chocolate, and if you are not hungry enough already, cranberry red is the featured lingerie color.
I’m thrilled, teal is back on the scene along with ice blue.  I have blue eyes and nothing makes me happier and enhancing them. More of my favorites, black, white and bright colors showed in clothing and footwear, for a retro-inspired look. Denim ensembles are a great new addition to mask some of the body flaws of mine with their structured fibers. The seasons choices become better for me as I researched! Charcoal and rich greys were found monochromatically mixed with textures and patterns for interest.

There seems to be something for everyone; pastels, smokey purples, dusty pinks, prints include animal prints.  This year’s choice faux fur overscaled herringbone, fox, leopard, giraffe, and oh my goodness butterfly prints. Color blocking (I hope I eventually master) and mixing of prints are stand outs.  Florals are huge as are black and white prints, I couldn’t be happier!  Take a look at the tribal and ethnic prints below. These hand block printed cottons are perfect for this folky, tribal trend.



So much to share with you!  Here’s one of my favorite sites. So much to shop for and design!  I’m so excited for us all.  ENJOY!   More to follow, don’t think for a second this could be the end of the line. 🙂