Vintage irons make me so happy!  I remember them as a child.  My grandmother had several with and without cords.  I also remember being told pressing is the most important part of sewing.  Nothing, in my opinion, compares to a vintage iron.  They are heavy, get super hot, super fast, and look cool.  🙂

Saturday, I was driving through my neighborhood and stumbled upon an ESTATE SALE.  Not one of those where the people come in and price everything and have their yellow signs everywhere.  Those prices are generally too high to bring me happiness.  This estate sale was operated by the family members.  They were so kind and helpful.  I walked in and immediately found my true love.  A vintage ironing board!  [envira-gallery id="1241"]
[envira-gallery slug="ironing-board"]Is it just me or do they make these things today too flimsy to even use for fear of them bending under pressure?  Okay, LOVE it, want it, need it, and it’s half price!  So, the ironing board sold for half of $15 that  was marked on it.  I found lots of other wonderful things there as well,  I’ll wait and share those later.

I purchased the new love of my life, a Sunbeam steam iron.  The iron is so special, it has the date written inside of the box, “December 25, 1962.”  [envira-gallery id="1237"]
[envira-gallery slug="vintage-iron"]It works amazingly well.  Of course, since the hubby does not sew, I had to explain to him how important this iron is to my life.  How the weight of the iron helps set the seam.  This was not an easy concept to explain.  Thankfully I was wearing a color blocked dress I made.  I pointed out where the two colors met. I told him, when the fabric is properly pressed, the two colors appear as one piece of fabric. I guess he understood that, he nodded. lol

When I came home I had to research the vintage irons, to make sure I was not just an emotional nut. Okay, I may be but there is validity to my love of vintage irons.  Ebay explains it pretty well.

Reasons to LOVE and desire a Vintage Iron
.  Made in the USA – back when that meant something.
.  Heavy, which helps get the wrinkles out
.  Put out a lot of heat
.  Solid irons that are well-build, all metal
.  Last decades