Mad Men may have created an apron frenzy! Think about Betty, always in the kitchen with aprons on she makes everyone want one.  Without a television filming in your kitchen, or someone always taking your picture when you are at home who knows if you wear an apron? I think aprons are kind of sexy.  You know, like wearing a dress over your yoga pants and tee shirt. 🙂 No one really knows who does and who does not wear aprons.  Think about it.  This isn’t a topic normally discussed.  Lucy Lou 918 began selling aprons in April 2015.  The conception is the result of a Facebook conversation.  “Karen” also the name of my first offering, announced she was putting the apron on to protect her yoga pants and tee-shirt.  Immediately, I realized maybe I should make her an apron.  As soon as the idea hit the Facebook page, others began asking about aprons also.  Lucy Lou 918’s apron line was born.

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[envira-gallery slug="aprons"]Lucy Lou 918 is a source for Mad Men inspired unique aprons.  I’ll offer other styles as my inventory grows.  Feel free to email me with your questions and ideas about the aprons.  I’m currently working on an order of camouflage aprons.  Aprons for every area of your life, not just the kitchen.  Think of those school teachers, musicians, artists, gardeners, and men in your life. Lucy Lou 918 can make the perfect apron for your needs.

The inventory is low at the moment but will be increasing quickly.  If you do not see your idea pictured, please email me to ask about a customized apron.  Be patient while the dust settles.  I can’t wait to show you what I have for sale!