I have been drooling over the essential denim dress for quite some time now.  Actually I have been hoarding old jeans and denim fabric just to use for this dress.  So, today is cutting day!  I’m scrambling around, rummaging through all the closets, trying to decide exactly what I can sacrifice for this dress!  I have fabric.  I just don’t have all the varieties I want to have for this dress.  Then, in a container of scraps I found a deconstructed chambray shirt.  EUREKA….the perfect piece for the top portion of the dress.  It’s lightweight so I won’t feel like I’m frying.  The fabric is also a light color.  This is a definite plus, I seem to gravitate towards dark colors causing serious lack of variety.

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[envira-gallery slug="1375"]Did I mention this pattern is online?  Did I mention it is also FREE? The essential denim dress is my first attempt at using an online pattern for anything.  I’m kind of nervous.  The pattern doesn’t have seam allowances, so I am purposely cutting it larger than needed.  It’s easier to make something smaller than it is to add pieces later hoping for the best!

Sew Different is one of my favorite sites right now.  She’s from the UK, that to me is pretty cool because fashion there is so different than run of the mill US clothing.  Probably because I don’t live in the UK, so it looks new and exciting to me.  Nonetheless, she does a wonderful tutorial on mix and match denim, in case you are afraid to try.  Her photos will put you at ease and make you want to try everything she has to offer.