Sew, this Fall it seems as though the patchwork trend is in full swing.  I say, “YAY” it’s fun sewing!  I made some patchwork jeans last night.  I love them!  I’ve tried patchwork before and it was a failure.  I blogged about my first try here. This go round I tried a slightly different method. Instead of putting the pieces together on purpose while assembling the garment, I assembled the fabric as patchwork. Here’s the result this time.
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How does that happen?  I used denim to create my patchwork trend.  I knew I wanted the top of the jeans dark, you know, to hide all those body imperfections, I hope. I cut out the pattern to short shorts length using the dark denim.  From there,  I pieced together whatever I could find to make a large enough amount of patchwork “fabric” to cut out the rest of my jeans.  It was fun! I used my seam ripper a few times, and had to piece some parts in at the last minute to make it work but overall, it wasn’t that difficult.

What was difficult was the Mimi G pattern I tried using.  Let’s just say, it was not made for my body.  I tried all sorts of alterations, none worked for me.  I did give it a run for it’s money and my seam ripper too.  I think the seam ripper saw more action on those jeans than the sewing machine saw.  I really wanted them to work, but just like ready to wear, all styles do not fit all body types.

The pattern I used, is tattered, it works like a charm and fits perfectly every single time.  I have used the pattern for three pair of shorts, three pair of pants, and now one pair of jeans.  I use Simplicity 1165 for all my pants.  The Mimi G pattern I experimented with was Simplicity 1167.  The pattern and instructions were great, my body just would not conform.[envira-gallery id="2202"][envira-gallery slug="patchwork-trend"]

I hope to get a lot of wear out of these jeans and try other fabrics using the patchwork trend as well.  I hope this has inspired you to mess around with the technique as well.  No matter what you do, ENJOY!


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