The featured photo for this post is of my daughter.  She is wearing clothing I made using only her measurements.

I recently encountered sewing for 20 something daughters.  You know the drill, “MOM, MOM! MOOOOOOOMMMMM!”  Like an ambulance screaming in the night.  It’s an emergency, at least to her it is!  She’s met some young man and has to go out with him, in public! Of course her wardrobe of odds and ends just won’t work.  She needs something from a fairy godmother …. YESTERDAY!  Actually, it’s not as daunting as it may seem.  Sewing with knits are wonderful when no one is there to try the garment on their body.  Ask her three questions to make a skirt, we will get to the rest later. There is a  great blog on this here.

  1. waist measurement
  2. hip measurement
  3. length she would “like” her skirt.                                                                      I stuck with a solid knit fabric in burgundy. Her color of the moment!There are plenty of quick tutorials online for making a fast skirt.  Circle skirts are especially quick. Even faster are maxi skirts!

Mesha has some of the most informative and detailed videos for beginners.

Her measurements are needed when cutting the garment to size.  Do NOT use the standard measurements in the video or tutorial.  I’ve done this and ended up with clothing to fit a Barbie.  I, am not a Barbie.  Fabric wasting annoys me and blows money.  I’m a pretty thrifty gal so neither of those are my favorites.  I hope you ENJOY sewing for your daughter as much as she enjoys the skirt.  Check back for the tutorial on making a coordinating piece. Enjoy!