Hancock Pre-Black Friday

Hancock Pre-Black Friday sales are nothing short of spectacular! Do not miss the pink tag sale items. Today I bought bead strands in the pink sale items for 25 cents each!  You better belive, I stocked up.  They also had earrings, home decor, and tons more things to purchase for dirt cheap! The coupons for this sale are such an extra bonus I couldn’t believe it! 

Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year!  I realize this does not hold true for everyone a lot of people’s favorite thing of the year is to avoid Black Friday. I posted JoAnn’s goodies earlier, you can compare the prices for your own shopping pleasure. Hancock Fabric’s Understands……No One has to wait for Black Friday or Regret missing sales! Start shopping now, Look at what Hancock Fabrics has to offer! 

November 19 to December 2 (Avoid Black Friday sale)

Visit www.hancockfabrics.com all the juicy details

  • Entire stock of novelty cotton prints
  • Licensed Character Fabrics including fleece, cotton, and flannel (wonderful for all those children’s items begging for the Christmas Tree)
  • Entire stock of accent pillows (faster to buy the accent pillows as gifts at 40% off than handmade)
  • Cotton quilting prints ( I don’t know if you ever thought about this, but this fabric is amazing for curtains, throw pillows, children’s room decor, the list goes on and on)
  • Batiks
  • Throw blankets (again, you can purchase faster than making them)
  • Utility panels
  • earrings
  • Apparel lace and trim by the yard ( we all love to get a little gussied up around the holidays, don’t we?)
  • Baskets
  • Buttons
  • Sewing Baskets (for the sewist on your list this year)
  • flannel (wonderful for sleepwear as well as apparel)
  • Faux fur (all the rage and looks great on blankets)
  • Denim (too many uses to list, and while it’s on sale, buy some extra, this is a staple)
  • All Christmas home accents (everyone likes adding a few new things to their festive decor, right?)
  • Social and Career fabrics (parties, work, work parties, it’s on sale)
  • Home Decor fabrics
  • Christmas fabric (perfect if you wanted to make some throw pillows of your own or coordinating dresses)
40% off is just the beginning…..look at some of the 50% off offerings 
  • Denim
  • All Christmas home accents[envira-gallery id="2433"]
    [envira-gallery slug="hancock-non-black-friday"]
  • Social and Career fabrics
  • Home Decor fabrics
  • Christmas fabric