The labels went through some change prior to printing. The original draft didn’t seem to fit my  branding.  The final image is now shown in the feature photo. I love it!  I love the thought of putting clothes on with this label.

Are Clothing Tags Important?

I don’t know about you, but, I make a great deal of the gifts during the holiday season.  Clothing tags have become necessary. Gifts go home and used without my supervision.  Thank  goodness lol  So, when my granddaughter gets dressed in LucyLou 918 originals.  She needs to know her clothing is on her the right way. Also, when I make blankets, purses, scarves, and other wearable items, I want bragging rights.  Don’t we all want people to know about our art?

 I have tried so many methods of making clothing tags.  I’ve used cotton ribbon similar to shoestrings and written on it with a marker.  I didn’t like the way it looked.  I am professional and my clothing and other items should reflect such in the clothing tags. In the olden days, haha, my grandmother would sew a 1″ piece of lace in the back, she didn’t want me looking silly either.

I’m going to make mine like this:

  • I’m using my lovely printer, its honestly nothing special.  It was free with the purchase of my MacBook Pro about five years ago.
  • First I’m going to design my logo. Using an illustrator program and possibly a clip art or symbol you create to represent your line.
  • Then, when I feel fully satisfied with the appearance, I’ll reverse it.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT part.
  • Reversing the image will ensure perfection when ironed onto your ribbon or whatever you choose to use for your clothing tags.
  • I will do a rough run with printer paper and inspect the logo.
  • If you need a visual, this is a great video on my channel.
  • When I’m satisified with the look I’ll print it onto the transfer paper, I bought mine at Amazon.  I love their free and fast delivery special! I’ve included a link for you.[envira-gallery id="2444"]
    [envira-gallery slug="2444"]
  • I’ll probably use 1″ ribbon to make my labels.
  • The internet has a great application on the Avery site.
  • Enjoy!  Knowing everyone will know who made your item 🙂