New Sewing Machine

Christmas was a few weeks ago. Who received a brand new sewing machine? Now what? If new sewing person or it’s been about say, 25 years or more, I may be able to help.

  1. Threading the needle on your new sewing machine.  It seems something that should just happen, right?  In reality it’s not that easy.  Read the manual, if you still cannot threat it or the bobbin.  YouTube has amazing tutorials.
  2. That’s a great accomplishment. Now, when you start sewing make sure to hold onto the bobbin thread and the top thread for a few (10) stitches.  If you don’t, you get a horrible thread mess and hate yourself for wanting a machine. Trust me on this.
  3. Another helpful hint, make sure your first stitch onto the fabric is no on the very corner edge.  Even one centimeter down is better than the corner.  This sometimes causes the fabric to get stuck in the machine under the feed dogs. Yeah that is a pain for sure.
  4. If the fabric happens to cause a few problems for you like getting stuck and not letting your needle or machine operate, rock the wheel on the right end back and forth until you can free the needle.
  5. I discuss bird nesting, that horrible annoying bobbin mess, here.
  6. Once you get past the initial learning curve of your machine, you’ll be ready to work on some straight lines. You’ll probably need a few supplies to get started.

Important Supplies

*Pins with glass heads

*Pin cushion

*Titanium needles (you will thank me for this later

*Seam ripper (save your project tool)

*Fabric scissors (fiskars…..I made the mistake of buying singer to match

my machine) No skimping here.  Good scissors will save you a lot of


*Tape measure it’s horribly shocking to have to measure yourself, but

much needed.