Jeans shopping is the worst experience.  This pair fits perfect except for_____________.  I love this pair but hate the ___________ on them.  Did you know the key in getting a wonderfully fitting pair of jeans is the yoke? What’s a yoke?  The part just below the waistband that usually looks like a “V” is the yoke.

The yoke’s size is different for everyone unless you and your best friend have exactly the same butt.  When I made my first pair of jeans they hit me about three inches below where I wanted them to hit.  A friend of mine told me that getting a pair of pants that fit perfectly is most of the battle.  I tried to figure out how to make them fit better.  I knew they needed more fabric.  I guess I had increased that area of my body without knowing it. According to this site, a wide yoke isn’t really that helpful in making room for your bootie.  It’s purpose is to make the jeans look low slung and still conceal yourself.

The key to a great fit for those of us who’ve become more endowed in that area is the deep “V” yoke.



If you would like more information on how to fit some other areas, this is the answer to all your problems.  She has gone way beyond the call of duty and insisted her blog would be complete and all seamstresses everywhere would love her guides.

I’ve found the best way to find the best fitting pair of jeans is to make them yourself.  Always remember to read the website discussed above for any problem areas you may have. The more you study the construction of pants the easier the daunting task becomes.

Seriously, once you find a great fitting pants pattern, jeans are really nothing more than great fitting pants with a bunch of top stitching.  Go for it!  You’ll be glad you did.