Sew, I was thinking the other day about sewing in the 1980s. Before all the wonderful technology we have now.  I remember when I got stuck on a pattern, I had to travel 30 miles to my grandma’s house for help. Imagine when the first Singer machine in 1895. Singer machines then were not only a crafty useful tool but also a way to get some exercise. I cannot imagine wanting to sew and having to work that hard.  People were passionate about it evidently.

Actually, I’ve been told by family members sewing was mostly out of necessity. Especially during wartime when so many things required sewing.  My great grandmother worked at Camp Swift sewing during the war.  My grandmother sewed for both her children and grandchildren.  I am very happy to have been taught this wonderful art.  Not only did I have a very experienced one on one teacher but, I also gained knowledge of historical sewing.

As grateful as I am for the experience of sewing without technology.  I’m doubly grateful for the technology we have now.  It is great that if I want to learn something I can login to Pinterest, or search Google for anything I need.  I love the groups on Facebook that are so helpful.  I use Girl Charlee, Sew Trendy, Sew Divas, and one of my very favorites, Sewing for Dummies. Help is always just a click away. When garments are complete posting photos is a great self esteem boost for those who like input.  Several members of the group are sure to comment and make you feel wonderful about your hard work.

Shopping for supplies is much easier as well.  We don’t even have to leave our sewing room to find the supplies needed.  Amazon, the retail giant is always my go to for supplies.  I am sure there are others out there, and I have used them.  But, Amazon is just an easy and timely fix for what I need.  Yes, I may have to wait a few days for my items, but I never had to leave my home.  I cannot imagine sewing without technology.  It makes life so much more enjoyable.

I only have one friend who sews currently.  If she was not home prior to technology my project would just have to wait until I could find her to help me.  Our life is certainly easier now isn’t it?