Possibly you haven’t really looked into sewing books much. I got back into sewing and immediately had to have a sewing book my grandmother gave me 30 years ago. It’s the Simplicity Sewing Basics book. Then, I ventured out on my own and found Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. This book is amazing! It’s staggering the amount of information I have learned from this book, not to mention the FREE patterns she includes.

Let me start over, Gertie has a blog and not only do you get to learn from her daily, but you get to see what she looks like. Very refreshing and on trend immediately you feel HIP just for having clicked on her blog. She’s a tattooed girl with great vintage taste and a vast amount of sewing information to share. But, for people like me. I really like to have the book in hand. I wasn’t to use my pretty highlighters, you know? Pages come alive for me when I get to add color and quickly find the information I need. Honestly, I am kicking myself for not purchasing this book sooner. The patterns she included with the book would’ve saved me a ton of money. Because, I’ve purchased as many of those patterns as I could find, and they are not even by Gertie! I wish they were though.

Her book is divided into two sections SKILLS and WARDROBE. The wardrobe section is essential to the seamstress hoping to banish RTW clothing from her life. She included 22 patterns! Okay, this book sells on Amazon for around $25. For the price of the patterns alone on sale for 1.99 each, you know, Hancock and Joann’s like to have the sales. Anyway, at that price you could only walk out the door with 12 patterns. Gertie, that sweet but sassy girl, is packaging the patterns and the book together for $25 what a sweetheart, right? Seriously, don’t take it from me. Look at the Gertie Sews Vintage Casual: A Modern Guide to Sportswear Styles of the 1940s and 1950s“>book, her website, and see what you think.

Most of all ENJOY!

***I was not paid in anyway for this blog. These opinions are solely the opinions of Lucy’s Sewing Lab.