When I first started this blog I made a best of list to include what I thought was the best sewing blogs. Well, some time has passed and now I think I need to revise that list or better yet create a best of list for beginners.  When I started sewing again, I had no idea where to look for anything!  I was so glad I had a friend that was willing to help me find my way around.

  1. Singer   it’s the brand of machine I purchased.  I don’t know if the brand makes a difference or not but, the section for beginner sewing has projects.  I didn’t have a single pattern when I started sewing. They have a very easy section.  I used this quite a bit in the beginning.
  2. Pink Chocolate Break she has a great beginner sewing tutorial section.  Wonderful, especially if, like me, you haven’t bought any patterns yet.
  3. Andrea’s Notebook I used this and made the most beautiful kimono.  HINT*** I used stretch lace with a border.  I didn’t need to hem it.  That, for me, is always a huge plus!
  4. What the Craft   has an awesome tutorial for making a circle skirt.  You know, so you have something to wear to work.  Your friends will be so impressed!
  5. Sewing Directory one of the best beginner sewing  shopping trip guides.  Actually, if I was an organized type beginner, this would be number one on my list.
  6. Simplicity this company has a section of patterns called learn to sew.  Yes!  Of course I have used most of these.  I love them! If you like using videos to sew there are several produced by Simplicity that have video tutorials online as well.
  7. Mimi G. this is a designer that produces patterns for Simplicity along with tutorials.  The link will take you to her tutorial page.
  8.  Pattern Review this is a good resource for pattern shopping.  I find a pattern I think I may like and search for a review on here.  This helps me decide if the pattern is worth the money or not. It’s saved me a few hours.  The occasions I wasted time and money trying to make something and failed I did not refer to this resource.  🙁

  9.   Craftsy I love this place!  So many free sewing lessons.  I have all the free ones I could find.  Free topics include everything from sewing machine feet, zippers, bag making, sewing with knits, and probably more I have not found yet.

  10. So Sew Easy she shares tutorials as she masters the technique.

Most of all ENJOY your sewing!!