The three D’s of blogging are as follows (anyone hear a Dr. Seuss song?) disclose, deliver, and disclaim. From time to time, hopefully more often than not, this blog will accept compensation for opinions provided.

Lucy’s Disclosure—

The opportunity to accept such wonderful perks may at times influence the posts herein.  The content may not always be identified as an advertisement, paid post, or sponsored content. Compensation for blogging will in no way prevent me from giving my honest opinion, experiences, and beliefs. Everything contained in Lucy’s Sewing Lab is my personal opinion or view.

Lucy’s Disclaimer—

I link to a lot of other websites, it’s a great way to share a wealth of information with my readers.  I am very generous with sewing information and websites. I cannot be held responsible for the content found on the linked blogs.  I also am not responsible for any actions the other bloggers may take.  The accuracy of information provided is current only on the day of publishing.

Lucy’s Deliverance—

Cute huh?  Lucy will try to feed her readers new information at least twice a week.  We all have lives though right?  So, I sincerely hope my lovely readers will understand if more than  seven days pass without hearing from me.  I promise I am sewing, hopefully, and thinking about you and your needs to learn more and more about the wonderful world of sewing.  Now that all the D’s are out of the way.