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What are some special sewing hacks you’ve learned?  My most important ones are the ones I taught myself. Seriously, every time I sew I learn something new. That’s how much I mess up. lol We can never learn so much about sewing that there is nothing more to learn.  That’s why the pattern companies keep making patterns.  The amount of knowledge is endless and more is being discovered daily.

My first week returning to sewing, I wanted to make a GAP like tee shirt.  I found the perfect pattern, except for the sleeves.  I did not know how to do an inset sleeve.  I have no idea how I escaped learning this.  I really wanted that shirt though.  So, I followed the pattern. I actually did it, on the first try!  Then, I searched for other methods.  The best sewing hack I learned is how to sew the sleeve into the garment flat.  No inset required.  Just match all the dots, notches, and whatever else, then sew it to the shirt.  Next sew the sleeve together and the side seam.  You cannot tell the difference and it takes less than 1/2 the time.  There’s a really good tutorial here.

Scissors are quite possibly one of the more expensive mainstays required for sewing.  I bought my first pair in a sewing kit.  I honestly thought they would be awesome because they were new.  Yeah, they were great, until I could buy some better ones about a week later.  Never use your fabric scissors on paper or anything else other than fabric.  It really dulls them.  Once they are dull, you don’t have to buy a brand new pair.  You don’t even have to buy a sharpener.  Nope!  Use this sewing hack,cut through several layers of foil. Works like a charm!

You will appreciate this thread sewing hack. Thread really annoys me.  Probably one of my biggest pet peeves.  That stuff is required for sewing.  Buying off brand thread really does not pay off in the long run.  I promise Coats and Clark is the only one I use.  I have purchased other threads and nothing is more frustrating than having it break every few seconds.  UGGGHHHHHH!  Although, not having a color to match your project is pretty bad.  And it never happens to me anymore.  Why? I use 50 shades of grey! Really only about three or four shades, but unless you are topstitching, grey is the perfect color. 🙂

I have severe ADD and by the time I finish making something, I am done.  I hate doing hems.  So, I found a way around that. Sew the hems in all sleeves and bottoms before sewing anything else.  Then when you finish construction, your garment is also finished.

I know, the chalkboard says knits and fitting but I am sure you are tired of reading, so that will have to wait till tomorrow.  Until then, ENJOY!