I know, I said I would finish this the next day.  I am sorry I didn’t make it back to do that.  I was working on some sewing of my own.  Yes, I used my sewing hacks.  I always hem everything before assembling! Honestly, the method I mentioned of putting sleeves into shirts….why would I use any other method?  When it works, why fix it?  So, we have knits and fitting left to discuss don’t we?

Well, I thought I was much more experienced in these two topics prior to a few searches on the internet.  As I’ve mentioned before, I cut my sewing needles on knits in the 80’s.  I grew up in the country and didn’t want to waste my precious money on the 30 minute drive to the store to buy cool clothes for a Saturday night, Wednesday, Monday, any night!  At that time the cut up tee-shirt look was in full force. Sewing a knit dress with the back cut down to there was not really a big deal. Plus, it didn’t use much fabric either. LOL [envira-gallery id="792"]
[envira-gallery slug="leopard"]

The first hack I learned was knit does not ravel!  Yay! Wooo hoooo……it’s like Christmas everyday!  You do not have to hem it unless it’s the look you want.  Casual dresses and tops can stand on their own, without hemming. The leopard print top above isn’t hemmed anywhere, neckline, sleeves, or bottom.  It is a rayon blend, so that helps. Knits with more spandex tend to curl.  If that works with your look, more power to you!  Save time!

Fitting hacks are a whole new ballgame.  I worked super hard on making a full bootie (butt) adjustment.  Beginners luck, it worked perfectly!  Then, I could not make it work again for anything!  I found a great tutorial on the internet. The seam alteration method, basically the extra fabric is added on the top seam.  It really does work, I am sure I was just concentrating too hard the second time I did it.  Because, the first time worked like a charm.

The most useful hack I’ve found for pants fitting is to use a different pattern.  Not all patterns fit each individual body type.  Well, whether, you are making dresses, t shirts, or pants please make sure you ENJOY!