I’ve been surfing the net lately looking at perfect fitting patterns. Muslin is always the answer.  Don’t you just hate that?  In order to attain the perfect fit, one must sew twice.  UGH!  Well, I at least try, sometimes, to use a fabric I may want to wear?  Usually not though.  I’ve wasted so much fabric not making muslins that now I am not about to sew new patterns without making a muslin first.

Okay, so, in my wonderful internet adventures I have discovered some really good sewing sites.  One in particular, from the UK has a great solution to fit. This site uses a pretty no nonsense approach, basically, if it doesn’t fit, fix it!  I love it!!  It’s such common sense, if you are short, make it shorter.  If you are tall, make it longer.  If you are big, make it bigger and if the fit is too big, make it smaller.

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Those are the easy adjustments.  For those of us that have bodies not conforming to the ideals of pattern companies, Craftsy has an entire section on fit. The tutorials they have are easy enough for a beginner to follow.  Crafty has a wonderful perfect fit tutorial about fitting the pattern before the first cut. That is something I can use for sure!  I cannot imagine the time I would save! Right now, their tutorials are half off as well.  I hope no matter what you do while sewing, you ENJOY!