Capsule Snapsule (the anti-capsule)

It’s late, your friends are waiting, you are stressed as hell, your wardrobe is lacking! PANIC! Panic, freak out, cry, plan to be better at this whole dressing myself thing later.  Later?The capsule did not work.  I didn’t have time.  I couldn’t stay focused on a palette that was supposed to be for me, the style wasn’t exactly me, and I’m more creative than all that.  This is the anti-capsule! Capsule Snapsule!!   Okay, one LAST  night out wearing less than stellar clothing.  Vow to fix that wardrobe problem!  This is not a capsule fix.  This is real life, mixing, matching, and looking fab sewing it yourself.

A client called me, in the exact situation above! I know this person pretty well.  She loves leopard print, black, maroon, lace, and FUN!  Okay, so here we go anyone can make those colors work together.  PLUS, they work in all seasons.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Maroon maxi
  2. White lace Kimono
  3. Light leopard shorts
  4. Black mermaid maxi
  5. Dark Leopard midi circle skirt
  6. Black Kimono
  7. Floral top

The pieces work like this:


[envira-gallery id="1228"]
[envira-gallery slug="1228"]

Using these two charts you can get a head start.  Everything matches/coordinates/whatever going both down and diagonal.  So basically, without even trying very hard and using easy patterns you have an incredible wardrobe!


Jo-Ann and Hancock Fabrics

There are so many things to know before even Jo-Ann or Hancock Fabric’s.  It’s a daunting task, really!  I remember walking into that first fabric store shopping for…..I don’t even know…just touching the fabric.  Feeling it, thinking what the piece of fabric could become.  WOW!  I love the way this one feels.  I pull the bolt down and notice a SHOCKING price tag!  How can anyone afford to sew at these prices?  If I purchase cotton spandex with a four way stretch to make leggings the fabric alone will cost more than buying a pair off the rack at most discount stores!  Right?  Possibly, if you do not plan the visits and get on all the mailing, text, and email lists for sale and coupon notifications.

Jo-Ann’s and Hancock Fabric are two of the big boys on the front. Fabric store shopping with these two can be a joy.  Number one, they both accept each others coupons!  This is absolutely wonderful.  I have a Joann’s closer to me than Hancock, the price matching comes in really handy for me.  The only downside is selections of fabric; both quality and quantity. Both companies send out mailers, email, and text messages with coupons and latest sales.  Right now, Hancock Fabric is offering a five dollar coupon for signing up on their email list.

Hancock Fabric sends out mailers which are also viewable online for a period of three weeks at a time.  Joann’s does the same although the mailer covers two weeks.  I usually pull out a calendar and make notes about sales I do not want to miss and the specific dates. Smart phones….what a lifesaver….a little alarm on sale day can really make a difference. [envira-gallery id=”1215″] These coupons are good for 20 days! When you also consider Joann’s will honor them as well, that is a huge savings! Joann’s is having one of my personal favorite promotions [envira-gallery id=”1218″]. I love stocking up on Red Tag fabric for my wearable muslins.

Hancock Fabric offers the online $5 coupon.  Joann’s club offers even more benefits.  [envira-gallery id=”1221″]  A word of advice, no matter where you find yourself shopping, read the fine print on the coupons!  No one wants to miss out on a bargain!  I always ask if there are any other discounts I missed.  Both stores allow use of more than one coupon per sale.  ENJOY!

Fabric Buying… or in store?

Fabric buying is an art.  We all know this much is true.  After the first fabric purchase that left you hating your machine, your fabric, your pattern, your life, we vowed to change.  To learn more about fabric, textiles, hand, give, stretch, body, oh so much to know about fabric.  Sadly so much cannot be learned on the internet or in books.  Good ole trial and error lead to making fabric buying online or in store successful! I’ve blogged about this before. I’ll blog about it tomorrow too.  This fabric buying blog deserves a series. I believe many need this information.  I know when I started into the wonderful/ not so wonderful world of fabric I needed all the information and help out there!

My number one complaint is always and will always be, the PRICE!  Yeah, I am a penny pincher and love seeing my money go as far as it can.  With fabric, it’s more than just a game of odds, it’s a studied, planned out, adventure.  Pack the most product into my measly dollars as humanly possible.  This is usually the moment I pull out the local store weekly ads, the online stores I frequent, and get down to the nitty gritty with pricing.  I realize sometimes inexpensive fabric really fares well against competition sometimes.  I’ve also found the reverse to be true.

One of my first considerations on deciding which retailer shall receive my money is past experiences.  I’ve ordered from places online and will never order from them again.  It’s not even about their product.  I never saw it.  They order took to long to ship.  Are you listening retailers?  TIME is so important to us!  Timely order processing and shipping are our top priorities.

Next I look at shipping and coupons/discounts.  I refuse to pay shipping unless it’s something I think I may die without.  Then I make sure to purchase enough fabric that the shipping is less than 50 cents per yard.  Coupons for local stores are HUGE!  Bigger than big…the deciding factor of staying home to shop or venturing out into 100+ degree heat. If I’m leaving my house……DEALS better be plenty!

More than deals though, I want to ENJOY!  Stay tuned, more on this topic tomorrow.  I’ve barely gotten started.  ENJOY yourself.

Sewing Blog Surprise

It’s no surprise American’s celebrate July 4 as our Independence Day.  Not working on my sewing blog is a surprise!  I’ll leave the details of my sewing blog surprise up to your own creativity.  I wasn’t expecting a blogcation, but surprises are always nice!  🙂  I’m trying to get this page in order.  I think some gremlins took over for a bit while I was out.  This blogging is no joke!  haha 🙂  Sometimes things work, and other times no matter how much you want something to work for your blog.  It. just. does. not. work!

Since my blog is not even six months old yet, I’m allowing myself some leeway in the development process.  I’m hoping this is a theme I’ll stick to awhile. It seems as though no matter what I choose a few days later it’s all wonky not working with this plugin or that plugin. It could make a sane person crazy.  Plus, not only do I blog, I have this real life, you know?  One can’t just sit there and blog all day can they?  Can they?  Oh!  I can’t!  I have pretty things to sew.  I’ve been branching out a bit while away and making all sorts of little pretties to show later.

I’ll catch you all up more later, until  then  ENJOY!

Cool Summer Clothes

[envira-gallery id="3522"]You know, the hardest thing to find in the Summer is cool Summer clothes that you like to wear. It’s hot.  I’m cranky. Honestly, I would rather not get dressed at all.  But,I found two patterns that make getting dressed a little less stressful. Butterick 5753 and Simplicity 1165 paired together make a pretty awesome ensemble.

Butterick 5753 has become one of my favorite tops to make this Summer. It’s one of those cool Summer tops you are always glad you have.  Kinda funny, the coolness comes from the arms.  HaHa  The sleeves are pretty much wide open under your arm.  But, the top of the sleeve drapes so well, no one would ever know.  I made it out of a slinky knit fabric in black.  WONDERFUL!  I promise you, I sewed this baby up in less than an hour.  Really, there’s only two seams on each side.  The shoulder seams and the seam connecting the front to the back. [envira-gallery id="1046"]
[envira-gallery slug="butterick-5753"]

My favorite pants to pair this with is Simplicity 1165.  I have made about three pair of pants and two pair of shorts using this pattern.  I get compliments every single time.  The back pockets really add interest and prevent them from looking like your grandma’s elastic waist pants.  Additionally there are front pockets which help the overall look also.  I use the Dritz Braided Elastic in one inch for the waistband. It’s stiff enough to keep them from looking like elasticized pants. Plus, when I make the pants, I crop them at the ankle.  It gives it an Audrey Hepburn feel.  Others have reviewed the pants and loved them as well.  [envira-gallery id="1050"]
[envira-gallery slug="simplicity-1165-and-butterick-top"] 

I love what she did with the shorts pattern to give them the 70’s vibe. See? Pretty variations on how to make this pattern to fit you and your style.