My Clothing Tags UPDATE


The labels went through some change prior to printing. The original draft didn’t seem to fit my  branding.  The final image is now shown in the feature photo. I love it!  I love the thought of putting clothes on with this label.

Are Clothing Tags Important?

I don’t know about you, but, I make a great deal of the gifts during the holiday season.  Clothing tags have become necessary. Gifts go home and used without my supervision.  Thank  goodness lol  So, when my granddaughter gets dressed in LucyLou 918 originals.  She needs to know her clothing is on her the right way. Also, when I make blankets, purses, scarves, and other wearable items, I want bragging rights.  Don’t we all want people to know about our art?

 I have tried so many methods of making clothing tags.  I’ve used cotton ribbon similar to shoestrings and written on it with a marker.  I didn’t like the way it looked.  I am professional and my clothing and other items should reflect such in the clothing tags. In the olden days, haha, my grandmother would sew a 1″ piece of lace in the back, she didn’t want me looking silly either.

I’m going to make mine like this:

  • I’m using my lovely printer, its honestly nothing special.  It was free with the purchase of my MacBook Pro about five years ago.
  • First I’m going to design my logo. Using an illustrator program and possibly a clip art or symbol you create to represent your line.
  • Then, when I feel fully satisfied with the appearance, I’ll reverse it.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT part.
  • Reversing the image will ensure perfection when ironed onto your ribbon or whatever you choose to use for your clothing tags.
  • I will do a rough run with printer paper and inspect the logo.
  • If you need a visual, this is a great video on my channel.
  • When I’m satisified with the look I’ll print it onto the transfer paper, I bought mine at Amazon.  I love their free and fast delivery special! I’ve included a link for you.[envira-gallery id="2444"]
    [envira-gallery slug="2444"]
  • I’ll probably use 1″ ribbon to make my labels.
  • The internet has a great application on the Avery site.
  • Enjoy!  Knowing everyone will know who made your item 🙂

Inspirational, Fashionable, Tutorials

I surf the web quite a bit, the blogs incorporating  inspirational, fashionable, tutorials are my favorites! I don’t know about you, but I get inspired with other people’s creations.  Fashion sewing blogs keep me on my toes. I take it all as a challenge. My ultimate favorite is not even aimed at the sewing community.

Who, What, Wear is a daily inspiration.  I especially love the fashion trends section.

Inspirational Sewing Related Blogs

Colertterie: Has been mentioned many times on my blog.  I love her instructional manner.  I read her book!  I seriously went to the library and checked it out.  She is such an inspiration. Make a wardrobe that’s truly yours. That is exactly what I love about her!  She doesn’t want you as a clone of her, she wants you to learn and be your own person.

Dixie DIY: Is inspirational, I love how she mixes a circle skirt with  a sweatshirt, but for the most part, we don’t share the same style.  Which is fine.  The completed projects section is a great place to start if you are looking for overall ideas.

Cloth Habit:  I love to dream that one day I won’t even need Victoria’s Secret.  Well, so far in my few attempts, they have nothing to worry about.

Ladybird: Is not only inspirational she’s quite the teacher as well.  Check this out, she goes into great detail about how to create your own personal croquis.[envira-gallery id="2415"]
[envira-gallery slug="sketch-tutorial"]

Julia bobbin: I love this blog.  Not only does she look cute and hip, she can sew!  She’s also into pop culture and shows the reader how to make things you see people wearing on TV.  An actual “as seen on TV” blog lol. You, too, can look like Jess from New Girl, or someone from Mad Men, who cares?  She has great sew alongs as well.  Check her out!

[envira-gallery id="2418"] 
[envira-gallery slug="erica-bunker"]

Erica B. : Look at that ^^^^^^^^ love at first site.  If you need me, I’ll be over at her place. I want to know the art of cultivating a stylish wardrobe!  I know how I do it, but WOW, someone with blog I can relate to…YESSSSS! She sews like I do by looking through fashion mags.  LOVE

WOW, if you have not hung out on any of these blogs, I hope you do now!  Enjoy!

So Can She

This is an awesome creative blog.  So Can She is one of the more talented people and has great tutorials!  I know a lot of people who would love to have a cool cosmetic bag for Christmas like this[envira-gallery id="2407"]
[envira-gallery slug="so-can-she"]

The best part is that right NOW she has an awesome giveaway going on that anyone would be lucky to get.  HURRY though, it’s almost over.  Sorry, I just found out about it myself. But, if you hurry and enter, you can……

Win a huge package of goodies
from Thermoweb!

Prizes are amazing![envira-gallery id="2410"]
[envira-gallery slug="prizes"]

I’m currently making some Christmas presents using Thermoweb. I don’t think you can make purses that are going to last very long without this tool.  It makes what you create more durable and gives the item shape.  I want to thank So Can She for offering this giveaway.  Now hurry and enter!

Sewing for 20 something Daughters

The featured photo for this post is of my daughter.  She is wearing clothing I made using only her measurements.

I recently encountered sewing for 20 something daughters.  You know the drill, “MOM, MOM! MOOOOOOOMMMMM!”  Like an ambulance screaming in the night.  It’s an emergency, at least to her it is!  She’s met some young man and has to go out with him, in public! Of course her wardrobe of odds and ends just won’t work.  She needs something from a fairy godmother …. YESTERDAY!  Actually, it’s not as daunting as it may seem.  Sewing with knits are wonderful when no one is there to try the garment on their body.  Ask her three questions to make a skirt, we will get to the rest later. There is a  great blog on this here.

  1. waist measurement
  2. hip measurement
  3. length she would “like” her skirt.                                                                      I stuck with a solid knit fabric in burgundy. Her color of the moment!There are plenty of quick tutorials online for making a fast skirt.  Circle skirts are especially quick. Even faster are maxi skirts!

Mesha has some of the most informative and detailed videos for beginners.

Her measurements are needed when cutting the garment to size.  Do NOT use the standard measurements in the video or tutorial.  I’ve done this and ended up with clothing to fit a Barbie.  I, am not a Barbie.  Fabric wasting annoys me and blows money.  I’m a pretty thrifty gal so neither of those are my favorites.  I hope you ENJOY sewing for your daughter as much as she enjoys the skirt.  Check back for the tutorial on making a coordinating piece. Enjoy!

JOANN’s Saturday after Thanksgiving SALE

JOANN’s Saturday after Thanksgiving sale.  For those of you who HATE, HATE, HATE Black Friday, they are offering a lot of the same deals.  The only thing is that….it may be SOLD OUT 🙁 I usually hit both, because I don’t want to miss anything!!  I mean, what if they put more stuff out?

25% off your total purchase….YAY!!

  • excludes doorbusters


    • Some items may be the same price as Friday. If there are items you cannot live without for your Christmas projects, you may want to make sure and hit it on Friday!


Apparel Fabrics (earlybird) 60% OFF 

This is for US….you know, we need Christmas presents too.  Nothing at all wrong with purchasing fabric for our own wardrobe, is there?

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No-Sew Throw Kits 50% OFF 

This may be a great idea for cheaper fabric? I don’t know, you would have to calculate it at the store.

Team Shop 50% OFF

Plush Throws $9.99 

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Faux Fur Throws $9.99

I’m pretty sure the faux fur doesn’t sell this cheap.

Functional Dressforms 60% OFF 

PLEASE!!!  I really want one of these for Christmas!

Decorative Dressforms 60% OFF

This is uber cool, I love it!  Pretty sure hubdub wouldn’t like it so much in our livingroom.  But, maybe he would never notice?

Gutermann 80-Spool Thread Tower $79.99

IF nothing else goes in your cart…..this is the deal of the day!  They sell out quickly.


ENJOY your shopping and most of all I wish you the best Savings possible!